HRMS SBI: HRMS Login, Download Employee Salary Slip & More

The (SBI) offers a human resources management system (HRMS) in the form of a website portal (SBI HRMS). SBI bank personnel rely heavily on this system.

The site functions as a large online community where SBI workers can easily communicate with one another and access essential company resources including pay stubs, retirement plans, loans, and more.

Since implementing its HRMS, SBI has reduced its ability to track individual employees’ salary histories. Because the system may be used by both public and commercial agencies, it can bring together the people who work for different organizations that have a common goal.

When it came to facilitating employee access to the portal, SBI relied on the Human Resource Management System. It may be easy for them to obtain data about their job and pay.

 There is no need for the worker to visit the HR or company office to request a loan or view loan details; this can all be done online. A similar system is used by retirees to access their data.

HRMS login procedure


One of India’s most prestigious financial institutions is (SBI). It offers its staff members a website for communicating and collaborating. Read on if you’re interested in SBI HRMS Registration or any of the other services mentioned in the article.

How to login?

  • To begin, head on over to the portal site
  • It’s expected that a login button would be prominently displayed on the homepage.
  • Now a new screen will load, and you can respond by clicking the appropriate yes/bullet buttons.
  • To prevent money laundering, it is important to provide thorough answers to the following questions. Keeping going by clicking the “Continue” button is fine.
  • Then, you’ll need to log in with the username and password your company gives you.

How to download employee salary slip?

Employees and retirees of SBI can now use the new SBI HRMS portal to access and download a variety of salary and pension-related documents.

State Bank of India workers frequently ask how to see their pay stubs electronically, so let’s take a closer look at how to do so using the SBI HRMS site at

Steps for downloading salary slip

The new SBI HRMS portal makes it easier than ever for current and former SBI employees and retirees to access and download a wide range of salary & pension-related data.

  • SBI HRMS (Accessible via is where SBI employees can view their pay stubs online.
  • Enter your login information and click the Login button.
  • Verify the available alternatives, such as pay stubs and pension statements for retiring workers.
  • After selecting the salary slip, a user will be presented with several options, including pertinent policies and salary slips for the appropriate months, from which the employee can choose and download the necessary salary slip.
  • Select the appropriate download link for the pension slip as well as other pension details.

The SBI HRMS portal at is a publicly accessible website where employees can access and download their pay stubs at any time.

In web or mobile apps, the aforementioned procedure only requires entering a username and password. To obtain a pay stub, simply click the link and choose the appropriate month.

How to apply for leave through HRMS SBI?

  • Start by going to the SBI HRMS site gateway, which may be found at
  • If you select “SBI HRMS leave request” from the main menu, you will be taken to the most popular application page for taking time off.
  • The next step is to specify the reason for your absence and the sort of leave you’re requesting (casual, ill, maternity, special, etc.).
  • To schedule your time off, you should first choose the kind of leave and then apply online for the specific days you need.
  • The next step is to return to city limits and explain your absence.
  • Information is checked and double checked before a confirmation email is sent to the user.


  1. Is there a pdf version of the SBI salary slip I can save to my computer?

SBI paystubs can be downloaded to your phone via their website or an app that syncs with your computer or mobile device automatically.

  1. Can same ID and password be used for MyHRMS app and SBI HRMS website?

SBI employees and retirees can utilize the same login credentials for the SBI HRMS website and the My HRMS app to access HRMS features like downloading pay stubs and applying for leaves.

  1. Where can I see my prior months’ salary statement from SBI?

If you need to see a pay stub from a prior month, you can do so at anytime with no restrictions by using the SBI HRMS site or mobile app and selecting the appropriate month and year.

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