HRMS Odisha: HRMS Login, Download Employee Salary Slip & More

The state governments have come a long way in managing employees and their data. This is especially true for the HR processes. In the case of the Odisha government, the agencies have pushed a lot of digitalization in the department. This has helped the government in not only offering better governance but also improving employee satisfaction. If you work in any of the Odisha State government departments, then you can use HRMS for many of these HR-related services. The full form of HRMS is Human Resource Management System.

Using the HRMS Odisha, you can get services like leave application, pension grievance, pay slip services and many others. These services greatly help as they reduce the dependency on manual procedures. With the HRMS Odisha, the records are maintained online, and these requests are also submitted online. Your department would have issued you an employee ID and a password. These are the details that can help you access the HRMS Odisha portal.

On this page, we have shared more information about HRMS Odisha and the services offered via this portal. So, you can move ahead and check out all these details along with the stepwise procedures in the sections below.

Key features and functions of HRMS Odisha include:

  1. Employee Information: It maintains a comprehensive database of all government employees in Odisha, including their personal details, service details, and contact information.

  2. Payroll Management: HRMS Odisha automates the payroll process, ensuring accurate and timely salary disbursements to government employees. It manages salary calculations, deductions, and tax-related information.
  3. Leave Management: Employees can apply for leave, and their supervisors can approve or reject these requests through the system. It also keeps track of leave balances.
  4. Service Record: It maintains a record of an employee’s entire service history, including promotions, transfers, and postings.
  5. Employee Self-Service (ESS): Government employees can access HRMS to view their personal and professional details, apply for leave, download pay slips, and more.
  6. E-Service Book: The system maintains a digital service book for each employee, recording their career progression, training, and disciplinary actions.
  7. Grievance Redressal: Employees can raise grievances or complaints through HRMS, which can be addressed by the appropriate authorities.
  8. Attendance Management: It may track attendance through various methods such as biometric systems or card swipes.
  9. Transparency and Accountability: HRMS Odisha aims to enhance transparency and accountability in government HR processes by reducing manual intervention and promoting digitization.

How to Login to the HRMS Odisha Website?

To avail of most of the services using HRMS Odisha, you must log in to the portal. To log in, you must have the user ID and the password. The user ID is created when you join the organization. If you are trying to log in to the HRMS Odisha, please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the official website of HRMS Odisha. The Link to the website is
  • On the homepage, click on Personal Login/HRMS Login button. This will redirect you to a new page.
  • Enter your Login ID, Password and the Captcha Code. Click on the Login button, and you will be logged in to the portal.


You can also use the e-Pramaan portal to log in to HRMS Odisha. So, you can use any of the two ways to log in to the portal.

How to Recover the Password for HRMS Odisha?

There are times when you change your password, and you forget it. This may frequently happen for some of us, and it may not allow you to log in. We always recommend avoiding the trial and error method in such a case. You should instead reset your password. In this section, we have shared the steps to reset your HRMS Odisha password. Check out the steps below.

  • You must visit the HRMS Odisha page to initiate the forget password.
  • Once you visit this page, click on the login button again. On the login screen, please click on Forgot Your Password.
  • The utility to reset the password will open, and you will now have to enter the details. Verify your identity, and the password will be sent to you on your mobile

Please note that temporarily, the service to reset the password is unavailable through an online medium. You would need to reach out to District Coordinator. The district coordinator will request a new password for you, which will be sent in 7 working days.

How to Download Employee Salary Slip from HRMS Odisha?

Pay slips are available monthly, and you can download them using the steps below.

  • To download the salary slip, Login to the HRMS Odisha portal again.
  • From the My Page Tab, click on the My Payslip link.
  • From the Payroll, select the salary month for which you want to generate the salary slip.
  • Once that is done, the salary slip should be available on your screen. You can download or print the salary slip from there.


How Can I Report an Issue with Salary Slip?

If you notice an issue with your salary slip or an error, you have some options. You can complain, and the CMGI officials will investigate the issue. The Link to lodge a complaint is available on My Page on the HRMS Odisha Portal. You can also contact your line manager or establishment HR Partner to get the information.

Is There a Mobile App for HRMS Odisha?

At present, there is no mobile application available for HRMS Odisha. The services are only accessible through the website. However, the HRMS Odisha website is a mobile browser-friendly website. So, you can open this website on a mobile browser. It will work, and you can avail yourself of the required services on the mobile application.

Getting Help from Technical Support

If you are facing any issues while using HRMS Odisha, you can contact the dedicated helpdesk. The helpdesk is available on all working days between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The contact numbers are 0674 2598310 & 8763545188. You can also reach out to HRMS Odisha by sending them an email at The helpline is of great help, and they are very proactive in resolving any issues associated with HRMS Odisha.

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