Investment Cage is a finance blog that not only shares the information about credit cards, mutual funds, investments, but it also has tips to save and invest money in other financial products. We understand the importance of mitigating the risk, and hence we also have a dedicated section about the insurance.

The main aim behind starting this blog is to share the tips with our reads, which can help them in gaining financial literacy. We share tips and resources that can help in saving money. The power of compounding works like a miracle, and a small corpus can develop into a million rupee fund because of this power of compounding. You can get to know more about it while checking out the investment section of the website.

In the investment section, we have not restricted the horizon to just mutual funds. We have also talked about ULIPs and other saving schemes. Jessica started this website, and you can use her experience as well as tips to have an edge in financial markets.

More about Jessica

Jessica is a pass-out from one of the most reputed management colleges in India. She graduated in finance, and since then, she had been working with a reputed asset management organization. Jesica uses her experience and knowledge to guide the readers about the financial markets, credit cards, saving schemes, and insurance. Jessica also completed her lessons in actuarial science, and that is the reason why she can guide you in the best possible way when it comes to insurance.

You can contact Jessica directly via the following credentials.

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