BOI HRMS: Bank of India Employee Login Details

Bank Of India or BOI is one of the largest functional banks of India that is managed by the Ministry of Finance. The customer base of this bank is for sure one of the largest as compared to other banks. Thus the BOI has millions of customers all across India. And to keep such a top-notch bank functioning, great manpower is required. And BOI HRMS is one such human resource management system that is implemented to help staff members and all the employees perform certain self-service tasks with full transparency.

The use of HRMS is not that new in India, but still, it’s a new experience for people who don’t have a great interest in tech. That’s the reason there are thousands of BOI employees who don’t know how to actually use the BOI HRMS properly. But don’t you worry now, we’re about to share detailed information regarding BOI HRMS. And we will go over things like how you can log in to Bank of India’s HRMS portal, access employee details, and perform other self-service tasks.

How To Login Into BOI HRMS Portal Properly?


There are various benefits of using the BOI HRMS system for both employees as well as pensioners. But if you are unable to log in or don’t know how to log in to use such features and get the advantage of the portal, then this post is all about you. Let’s talk about how to login into your BOI HRMS portal account without facing any issues or technical difficulties.

  • First of all, visit the official web page of the BOI HRMS Online Portal by clicking on this link
  • On this page, there’s just a login form, nothing else. Just enter your login credentials.
  • After entering the User ID and Password, click on the Sign In button. Now you’ll be redirected to the dashboard of BOI HRMS. And that’s it. This is how you login into BOI HRMS online.

Sometimes it happens when the web page doesn’t load, or you might be having any other technical difficulties then you can reach out to the Bank of India’s customer support team

Note: Always check which URL you are visiting, because it happens when scammers create a clone website of many Bank websites to steal the login credentials. So keep that in mind whenever you are doing any bank-related or transaction-related work on electronic devices.

What If You Forgot Your BOI HRMS Password?

If you don’t remember your BOI HRMS password because it’s been too long since you last logged into your account. In such a case, you have the option to reset your old password within a few clicks. Let’s get down to how the “Forgot password” option is helpful for you in this case.

  • First things first, visit the official web page of BOI HRMS. We have provided the official web page link above.
  • Now, on the homepage, you’ll only see a few options, a login form, forgot password option, and a sign-in button. And you already know which option to choose in order to reset the old password and get your hands on your account.
  • After you click on the forgot password option, another page will load, where you’ll see a few options. In the first box, you need to enter the Employee ID. And the second option is related to security questions.
  • Just enter your employee id, select the question from the drop-down menu, and write down the answer to that question. After that, hit the submit button.
  • Now, you’ll receive an email from BOI HRMS with a password reset link, where you can create a new password for your account.

What Benefits Does BOI HRMS Provide?

There are numerous benefits of using BOI HRMS for the employees as well as the ones applicable for the pension. Let’s go over some of the major highlighting features of BOI HRMS.

  • ESS or Employee self-service is the biggest plus point of using this online portal for the employees or staff members. Under this feature, you can see various options such as applying for leaves, downloading salary slips, routine attendance, etc.
  • You can get information about the Global payroll released by the Bank of India. This is how you can keep yourself updated. Not just that, the dashboard provides information, policy changes, and other important things when you log in to your account. This way you can keep yourself updated with the policy changes and the latest news.
  • If you are a retired employee or staff member, then you can check out your pension status without leaving your couch. This is a very helpful feature for senior citizens or staff members who can’t visit the physical branch very often.

Final Thoughts

That’ll do it. Now you know most of the details that you needed to know in order to use the BOI HRMS effectively to save your time. And we have provided the latest information, if there’s any change, we’ll update the details in the future.