Essay on Visit to a Wildlife Sanctuary

A Wildlife Sanctuary is a place reserved for wild animals and birds. A Wildlife Sanctuary is also a refuge for injured animals. Once treated they are released but they can stay there if they had ghastly injuries which could be dangerous for them if they stayed out in the wild again. A wildlife sanctuary plays the most important part of preserving endangered species and rare species. A wildlife sanctuary has a research team which creates home-like conditions for these animals and breed them until they have reached safer levels. By visiting a wildlife sanctuary one will understand how important wildlife is for mankind.

A child will understand the importance of stop crimes against animals and let them be free in their natural habitat.

Wildlife sanctuaries in India

  • India has over 500 wildlife sanctuaries of different kinds, such as bird sanctuary. A big number of 28 sanctuaries have been reserved for tigers in distant regions of India which are a natural habitat for the tiger under the Project Tiger. Most of the now called national parks were originally wildlife sanctuaries which later transformed.
  • These protected areas such as The Wildlife Sanctuary were created in order to preserve the most wonderful creation of these animals from human over exploitation by fellow humans. In a wildlife sanctuary, an animal is 100% safe from negative human exploitation. A wildlife sanctuary is forever researching to create as many homelike conditions for an animal as possible. This will help them breed and thus, they will not extinct.

Why should we visit a wildlife sanctuary?

We live in a gizmo ruled, technology age where we can instantly Google about an animal and receive tons of knowledge about any of them. Even though we have this advancing technology one needs to be at the ground zero level to be empathetic towards these animals that we recklessly destroy for our mean self. It is true that human population has been growing and thus we need more land for residential and industrial purposes, but what about the animals that has as much right to live as any human does? This is how a wildlife sanctuary protects these animals by preserving their natural habitat from destructible humans. By visiting a wildlife sanctuary a person will realize that it is high time we stop taking measure for our expanding population and actually think about controlling it because we are hurting all the animal and bird species that were created along with us.