Essay On Population in India For Kids & Students

As per the Census carried out in 2011, India has close to 1.21 Billion of the population or more than 120 Crores of people. India is second to China in the world in terms of population. However, at the current rate, India would surpass China by 2025, believe the experts. India is surely the overpopulated and that has created the problems of unemployment, lack of facilities, slow infrastructure, lack of growth, poverty and more.

The Indian Population is still growing at a faster speed despite controlling attempts from the Government and other organizations.

The reason for High Population

There are several reasons why Population in India is high. Here are some of the most major and critical ones.

Birth Rate

India has a huge birth rate. In recent years, the death rate has been controlled, but the birth rate is still very high and thus the total population has increased.

Early Marriage

Girls are generally married at a very early age and thus increasing the reproductive time. Even though the law does not allow marriage below 18 years, but in many areas, the marriages are still occurring at lower ages.

Poverty and Illiteracy

Poverty and Illiteracy are the major concerns for the population. In order to overcome the poverty, people tend to give birth to more children in order to increase the bread earners. The illiteracy has stopped the basic understanding of the family planning and healthy life.

Outdated Cultural Norm

The outdated cultural norm of having Son is causing huge population in India. Generally, people keep on giving birth until a son is born. In fact, more the son, better it is, feel many and thus increasing the population even more.


The Government of India and many other Non-Profit Organizations have taken stern steps to control the alarming rate of population increase.


The best and most important solution is to create the awareness among the people. People are trying to reach people even in remote areas to increase the awareness of the family planning and population control.


Education plays the biggest role in the population control and thus Government is trying to educate more people to control the population.

Population control camp

Various camps are organized for the educating the people on various aspects to control the population and increasing the healthy life.


Law and Enforcement have been made stricter for any violation that can impact the quality of life and increase the population. The Marriage age has been decided as 19 years for the women and 21 years for the men.