Essay on Delhi Pollution

Pollution and our national capital Delhi have gone hand in hand for as long as one can remember. But if you recall the past couple of years in the life of Delhiites, they have witnessed the environment of one of the worst polluted cities in the world. It is the sad but bitter truth that lately, New Delhi has been all about polluted air and water. If the situation gets any worse than it already is, it would be impossible to survive in this city that we call our national capital.

Speaking of which, it is high time that we continue ignoring the fact that we are, indeed a reason for the worsening of pollution and start acting to make it better.

  • How many types of pollutions are there in New Delhi?

If you want to count the types of pollutions in Delhi, there is not one that is absent. Delhi has an array of pollutions in it that happens to be a home to millions of people.

1. Air Pollution

Air pollution is the reason behind a suffocating New Delhi. With the amount of pollution in the air of Delhi, it is even a miracle that people continue to survive in this haphazard. Air pollution is the big reason for worry for big institutions because the decreasing air quality is causing ailments in the person of every age- child or adult.

2. Water Pollution

Polluted water in the national capital is not a recent happening. This is something which has been of concern for decades now yet there isn’t much that has been done to make it any better.

3. Noise Pollution

Noise pollutions happen to be the reason for losing peace of mind in the citizens of New Delhi. According to a report, citizens of New Delhi are losing their sensitivity to low sounds and low pitched voices.

  • What are the causes of pollution in Delhi?

It is important to look for causes in order to treat an underlying cause. The reason behind any type of pollution in New Delhi is the ignorance of its citizens and lack of government’s participants. The water bodies are continuously used as discharge bodies for waste effluents from the factories which pollutes the limited available water. Air is getting polluted by everything that a man does, from riding cars to using ACs and burning crackers.

  • How to control this situation?

In order to control pollution, the only way to raise awareness in people about its consequences. Besides that, the government should release strict regulations for chemical discharge in water bodies and out a control on private vehicles.