Essay on a Very Cold Winter Day

Even though winter is the favorite season for a maximum population of the world, this is not unknown a fact that a cold winter day could be difficult for anyone and everyone. The cold breeze on a winter day is enough to make you fall sick. I, for one, love winter season but the very cold winter days can make me hate winters as much as I once loved them. Think about the people who live on the streets or beggars who do not have appropriate clothes to escape the cold winter day. I feel very sad when I look at people who need help, but I cannot help them.

But there are ways that you can help poor people during very cold winter days. Here are some methods of doing so:

  • If you have a garage or empty parking lot within your home, give shelter to stray dogs and people.
  • If you can afford, buy cheap blankets to these people who cannot buy them on their own.
  • Once in every week or as you wish, make hot soup for some of these people living in your home.
  • Contact any NGO who specialize in saving people from winter and let them take care of this stray citizen.

As a citizen of the world, our first duty is to help and protect whoever we can. Therefore, do make sure that you help these people with the maximum of your potential and ability. If you ask me, I love to stay indoors during the very cold winter day and watch the weather by sitting by my window. I also love drinking hot chocolate and read one of my books by sitting near the fireplace. These are the things that keep me entertained when I cannot go outside to play with my friends. Now, to keep me warm, I wear at least 4 layers of clothes to keep my body warm. The most important clothing is a puffer jacket which is the warmest thing you will ever wear. Now just lie around on your bed, within your blanket and enjoy the winters lazing around. Not forgetting to mention that I always love to play board games such as scramble or ludo with my family. I also love watching my favorite sitcoms such as a game of thrones during these very cold winter days.

If you ask me, there is nothing as good as a lazy yet cold winter day.