List Of Top Market Research Companies In Chennai

Market research is never a bad idea before launching your product or service to the market. After all, that is how you get to know what products or services can do quite well in the market. Right? But you may be wondering how these companies get these insights. Well, for that, they have many magic tricks like performing thorough research, analyzing trends, conducting surveys, etc. In short, upon hiring a market research company, they present you with a report that can help you understand what the customers are looking for in a particular space of the market.

But as with anything else, not every market research company is the same. Some might deliver your data that isn’t as useful as you thought. And that’s the reason we have come up with this list of the top market research companies in Chennai for 2023. So yeah, let’s get down to this list and see what each of these companies has to offer their clients.

List of Best Market Research Companies In Chennai

1. Ars Market Research Services Private Limited

Rolling up their sleeves in Chennai, ARS Market Research is shaking up the market research sector in the country. They’ve got the secret sauce to decode what makes customers tick, thanks to their mastery of fieldwork and market intelligence. Whether it’s evaluating the potential of the next big thing or bringing customer views to light, they’re always spot on. Armed with killer tools like surveys, product testing, and focus groups, they’re making waves in market understanding. Known as the leading market research guru across India, ARS Market Research is top-notch at shaping brands, spotting market opportunities, and interpreting the tricky maze of customer experiences.

2. Krea eKnowledge Private Limited

Next is Krea, the market research whiz specializing in healthcare industry decision support. They blend speed, tech, and insights to make big ideas come to life. Since 2008, they’ve been delivering smart and impactful solutions with a side of agility, accuracy, and accountability. From fieldwork to research in healthcare, they’ve got it covered. Their team gets down to the ‘who’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ to give the best possible insights to their client, which is quite important for understanding the market deeply. Self-improvement and service are in their DNA, with a fierce belief in making the disabled workforce ready. They’re all about customer service, learning opportunities, respect, ethical conduct, and timely payments.

3. Frost & Sullivan

Growth is the name of the game when it comes to the market research sector, and Frost & Sullivan is your coach. They host fun and interactive Growth Workshops, Strategy Dialogues, and Briefings to walk the whole team through the growth cycle. Spread across 45 international offices, their team is all hands on deck to tackle any global challenge or opportunity. In their pursuit of innovation, they invest loads each year to study the best practices and share their insights with their clients. After all, they believe innovation is a teachable craft! Their mantra revolves around three core values Vision & Strategy, Brand & Demand, and Technology & IP. And boy, do they deliver on them! With their help, their clients’ growth rates are hitting the high notes.

4. Rankraze

The name Rankraze sounds a bit edgy, right? But guess what? They’re all about the latest tech, crafting top-tier business solutions, and opening doors for anyone lucky enough to team up with them. Be it a small start-up or a massive enterprise, Rankraze is on a mission to amplify its digital footprint across the globe. Now, let’s talk about the mastermind behind Rankraze, Mr. Raja Chellan. This guy started his journey as a trailblazing entrepreneur. He knows first-hand the trials of getting the results you want, and that’s what led him down the rabbit hole of digital marketing. He got into different platforms, techniques, and strategies, and after cracking the digital marketing code, he thought, “Why not help other entrepreneurs and businesses who might be in the same boat?” And just like that, Rankraze was born.

5. Arrow Point

Arrow Point could be your professional ally providing a broad spectrum of services like market research, insights, business intelligence, analytics, and more. They’ve been on the scene for over ten years, employing cutting-edge tech and methods to deliver data-rich solutions that give their clients a competitive edge. The Arrow Point team doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead, they whip up customized solutions to meet each client’s distinct needs. Their ultimate dream is to stand tall as a value-driven, globally recognized research firm, renowned for its comprehensive solutions, robust technology, and top-tier team.


If you dig a little deeper and find out more about each of the companies mentioned in today’s post, you’ll know exactly why we have included only these companies in this list. So, go ahead and do some of your own due diligence before hiring any of these companies to get a great idea of what you should or can expect.