List of Top Glass Manufacturing Companies In Mumbai

The construction industry and the demand for glass-based home improvements have helped propel India’s glass industry to the forefront of the country’s expanding economy. Many industries, including the glass manufacturing sector, have set up shop in India thanks to government initiatives like Made-in-India.

The glass industry in India is projected to earn $4,629.8 million in revenue in the year 2028. From 2021 to 2030, the market is projected to expand at a CAGR around 6.42 percent.

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies In Mumbai


Here is a List of Top Glass Manufacturing Companies in Mumbai:

1. Borosil Renewables

Borosil Renewables Limited, formerly called as Gujarat Borosil  limited, is India’s only solar glass manufacturer and a leading provider of solar glass technology services. The business also developed the first fully tempered solar glass (at 2 mm thick) in the world, the first solar glass with least iron concentration (for the maximum glass efficiency), and the first solar glass without antimony (a toxic metal).

Low iron textured sun glass, “Shakti” matte coated solar glass, etc are all part of the solar glass product line. The firm is also testing the waters of the hybrid wind-solar energy market.

2. Borosil Limited

With its humble beginnings in 1962 as Industrial and or Engineering Apparatus Co. Pvt Ltd., Borosil has grown to encompass not one but two publicly traded entities: Borosil Ltd. & Borosil Renewables Ltd. One million clients in India and beyond are loyal to Borosil Ltd. The scientists’ first option for lab borosilicate glassware, glasses ampoules, & glass vials for over fifty years, Borosil Ltd. is a reputable glass firm known for excellent quality, faultless accuracy, & dependability in the world of science.

Products such as lab search laboratory equipment, opal ware, and stainless steel storage or appliances are also available to consumers. About 52 nations get Borosil exports from India’s extensive network of 150 dealers & 5 regional warehouses.

3. Sejal Glass Limited

In 1991, we opened the doors to our first manufacturing unit, Sejal Glass House, a modest glass trade retail establishment. It is a leading manufacturer of bulletproof, fireproof, soundproof, thermally insulating, decorative, and anti-UV glass in India.

4. Empire Industries Limited

When it first opened in 1963, it was called Empire Dyeing Company Limited S Mr. S C. Malhotra purchased the long-standing provider of golden glass bottles & vitrum glass to India’s and other nations’ pharmaceutical industries, Vitrum Pvt. Ltd., in 1967.

In a completely automated plant in Vikhroli, Maharashtra, almost 1.5 million of glass bottles with capacities ranging from 5 ml to 500 ml are produced every day. Many well-known pharmaceutical firms have been satisfied customers in the past of this company.

5. FG Glass Industries

When it comes to architectural glass, FG Glass is one of the best in the business. More than 35 nations on 5 continents have benefited from their expertise over the past two decades, and they’ve completed projects of all shapes and sizes in each. The timely and cost-effective completion of their projects can be attributed in large part to our uncompromising quality standards and well-established project management procedures.

They’ve made an impact all over the world thanks to their extensive supply chain in Europe and America and their cutting-edge production facilities in India & United Arab Emirates.

6. Piramal Glass

The pharmaceutical industry in India would not be able to function without the help of the many Indian businesses that create high-quality glass packaging materials. There is a significant demand for glass containers among pharmaceutical companies & PGP Glass (Piramal Glass) are among the few manufacturers capable of meeting that need.

PGP Glass has multiple plants and processing centers located throughout India to meet the high demand for its finished products. Due to its longevity, size, and significance, this company deserves to be mentioned in the top list of glass manufacturing companies.


These top Indian companies are responsible for keeping up with the rising demand for glassware. Demand for glass jars and other products may rise in the foreseeable future as a result of new regulations that the Indian government is purportedly considering regarding the use of plastic.

Consider any of the top glass manufacturing company of Mumbai and place your orders for the utmost quality of glassware.