Short Essay On National Festivals of India

India is a diverse country and at the same time, it is one of the largest democracy in the world. There are three national holidays in India. All these national holidays are being celebrated since the first Independence Day. The country is well-decorated during these festivals and there are also celebrations along with flag hoisting.

Here are the three national festivals of India

Republic Day – Republic Day in India is celebrated on 26 January every year and this is the day when the constitution of India was enforced. Each year, it is a national holiday and the first republic day was celebrated on 26 January 1950. There are national celebrations on Republic Day and the celebrations are held on Rajpath in Delhi in the presence of President of India. During Republic Day, the delegates from foreign counties are invited to be a part of the celebrations.

Independence Day – India got Independence from British Rule on 15 August 1947. Since then, this day is celebrated as Independence Day. The flag is hoisted by Prime Minister of India at Red Fort which is followed by a speech. During the Independence Day, the flags are hoisted in all the schools and colleges as well. Delegates from foreign counties are also invited during the celebration.

Gandhi Jayanti Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on 2 October of every year and this is basically the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The public holiday is to remember and honour the sacrifice of Gandhi Ji as our nation got freedom because of his contribution to Indian History.

These are all the national festivals of India and people of caste, creed and religion celebrate the festival with a lot of patriotism. No matter what festival it is, these national festival teaches us about sacrifice and contribution of freedom fighters.