Essay on Indian Farmers


India is a well-known agricultural nation. Majority of India population resides in villages and depend on farming for their living and for the nation as well. Farmers are the backbone of any country. They are extremely important for the economy of a nation and their value can’t be over-emphasized. He is the provider of food for the nation. He has a very hectic routine as he gets up early morning and goes to the fields for plough, watering and sowing with the help of oxen or tractor. He protects his harvested crops with fertilizers, manures, insecticides and pesticides. They are the ones who feed the entire human race but unfortunately they lead a very sad life.

Life of a farmer

Mostly the farmers are uneducated. They are so poor that they can’t even afford the basic comforts of life. They have very few clothes and live in houses which are not ventilated. Their children also take up farming when they grow up. They work in the scorching heat and heavy rains. But now things are improving as the government is taking steps for the upliftment of the sons of nature. The new generation farmers are educated and their education helps them to increase the harvest of the field. They are aware about the laboratories to have the soil tested. They are now gaining insight on contract crop system and the crop rotation system. Some of them have started cottage industries as well.

Dependency on nature

The farmers are greatly dependent on the rains. The crops need adequate rainfall. At times, when it doesn’t rain, it may result in drought and the crops get effected and shortage of crops can lead to famines. In case it rains too much, it may destroy the crops. Floods are not at all good for crops. Therefore, to avert this situation the farmers should be aware of various scientific ways.

Old Methods of farming

Farmers have been quite ignorant due to less education. Therefore they followed the ancient ways of agriculture. They are not fully aware of their rights. In case of adequate production, he earns a good amount of money but in case of destroyed crops his condition becomes very sad. Even when the crops are excess, the crops get wasted. For this the government has started teaching farmers of their rights which is a good initiative for their upliftment.

Government initiatives

Government has taken some of the initiatives for the farmers due to which their condition has improved greatly. Good quality seeds, implements, loan facilities and irrigation methods are being provided. The old plough has been replaced with the technologically advanced tractor and other machines. Rural credit to buy seeds and cattle is being made available by all the banks, cooperative societies and the government. Other land reforms include implementation of ceiling laws, Distribution of surplus land and consolidation of land holdings have enhanced the status of farmers in India. Education, electricity and water supply, roads, schools and medical facilities are made easily available for farmers which can raise their living standard.


The farmers are very simple, honest, hard-working and sincere people and remain at the mercy of god and nature always. With the help of several schemes launched by Government, their condition will improve immensely so the farmers should also cooperate.