Essay on Ganga River and Its Importance

Ganga River is a very sacred river and is worshipped in India as a Goddess in Hindu religion. It plays a very vital role on the life-cycle of Indians. It is India’s longest river and one of the longest rivers in the world.

In India, it has largest river-basin which stretches around 8,38,200 sq. km and has three important courses of flow – middle course, upper course and lower course.

It is a complete river which emerges from the Himalayas and falls on the Bay of Bengal. It has a lot of tributaries like Ghagra, Yamuna, Ramganga, etc. Bhagirathi-Hooghly and Padma are its two distributaries.

Ganga River is also the national river of India. It is also referred as the Ganges in other countries in the world. It has both scientific and spiritual significance.

About River Ganga

Ganga River flows through both Bangladesh and India. Its length is around 2525 km and its mouth is Ganges Delta. It has a lot of sources, and some of them are glaciers, including Satopanth Glacier.

The upper course of the river stretches from its source to Haridwar.

The middle course of the river starts from Haridwar to Bihar’s Rajmahal Hills. In this course, the river passes through the major cities of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and is connected by various tributaries, such as Ghaghara, Ram Ganga, Gomti, Kosi, and Gandak from the left to Chambal, Jamuna, etc from the right. Jamuna is a major tributary of Ganga River.

The lower course starts from West Bengal. The river flows from Rajmahal Hills towards the South.

The Importance of River Ganga in India

In Hindu religion, River Ganga is very sacred. Ganga is considered to be the goddess or river. The river and Goddess Ganga are worshipped and water is known to have healing properties. The irrigating waters of River Ganga physically make lands fertile in India and abundant in several crops. River Ganga has much importance for Indians. Both non-Hindus and Hindus feel the value of this majestic river which serves as a symbol of the country.

Ganga is one of the most celebrated rivers in India due to her great gifts to Indians –

  • The water of River Ganga is available all the year round as it is a perennial river. The river has formed the very fertile flood plains in India. It provides the golden crops to us from the fertile lands on its banks.
  • Its water is widely used in irrigation and agriculture purpose.
  • Ganga has been the national waterway in India. It can be navigated to Haridwar.
  • The plains of Ganga are one of the most fertile plains and granary of India. The plains of Ganga are the best as they are developed in communication and transport.
  • Several projects have been started by the government to save River Ganga and for its wider utilization of water. It would bring great economic development and wealth to the nation.

The river has different types of features that are created mainly by it. Ganga is considered to be India’s most sacred river.