Essay on My City Ghaziabad For Kids & Students

Ghaziabad is an Indian City in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Ghaziabad is also sometimes known as the Gateway of Uttar Pradesh because it is very close to New Delhi. It is also the part of the National Capital Region and it is a largest planned industrial city. the city has a huge population and it also has a good connectivity. The city according to a survey is also considered as the second fastest growing city in the world. The city has 2 divisions that are separated by the Hindon River, which is known as Trans- Hindon located on the west and Cis-Hindon located on the East.

My city Ghaziabad also has some history and Mythology attached to it. The city saw civilization in the early 2500 B.C. and in the neighboring town and villages as well that included Garhmuketeshwar and it was also associated with the epic – Mahabharata and the fort of Loni are associated with – Ramayana. The city became a huge battlefield when Taimur laid siege during the Muhammad bin Tughluq’s reign. The Altama religion also started in this city during the 1800’s. the city was called as Ghaziauddin nagar and it was later called as Ghaziabad making it a shorter. The city was founded in the 1740 AD by Wazir Ghazi-ud-din, who named the city after himself.

Ghaziabad is also a big city that has a lot of industries and companies. The city also has the Bharat Electronics Limited and it saw the growth of electricity and the emergence of the Electronic industry. The city has many other big companies as well such as International Tobacco company, Danfoss India Ltd., Indo-Bulgar food Ltd, and many other companies. The city has various climatic conditions depending on the season. The city is also very active in the sports field.