Short Autobiography of a Tree

I am a tree, standing tall and alone in a school campus, where I am able to watch the students of different age group playing, fighting, talking, etc. I see a great deal of capacity in each and every student, who is passing me. I was not always a huge tree like now, I used to be a small plant and following which I developed into a shrub, with all the nutrients from this ground. When I was a small plant, I was not able to produce flowers or fruits and also I was not able to provide shelter to any other living beings.

Now I have grown to be a massive tree, who is capable of producing beautiful flowers, tasty fruits and also who is capable of providing shelter to birds, animals, insects, etc. As days passed on, small children began playing near me as I gave shadow of the long sunny day. I could hear the kids giggling, chatting happily about their classes, playing enthusiastically, etc. Some days, kids used to water me, which I will gladly accept. I have also been a shoulder, to kids who are having a tough day at school.

In their presence, I do not feel lonely. However, during the holidays I will feel a bit lonely, as they will not be attending the school and no one will be playing beside me. During this time, I keep company of birds and animals, which is also a great way to pass the time. Even though, there has been a talk of cutting me down, the number of children supported me and protested the idea of cutting me down. I am very much thankful for those students, who protested against management to save me.

I also enjoy rainy season a lot, since I feel fresh during this time. Even though, I have lost a few branches during heavy rain and storm, it is always worth the pain. In this life, I am having a great time in this school campus, with all the children playing around me.