Essay on Dowry For Kids & Students

Dowry a term that is used very frequently when people are getting married. The Dowry system is one such custom that is still followed by the Indians even in this 21st century when the world is growing too fast. The dowry system is a dark and an evil practice that should not exist but people still follow it. Dowry means the girl’s family is supposed to pay cash, property and whatever they could to the boy’s family because giving their girl is not enough. It is a very bad custom and people should realize that. A lot of people die or commit suicide because they are so much in debt that they cannot pay back the loan. Dowry System in India is still practiced. The girl’s family bow their heads and accept the proposal to give dowry to the boy’s family. It is one of the worst rituals that is still followed in many parts of the country.

Dowry Laws

The Dowry System is one of the evil systems that is followed by the Indian culture and the society. The Section 304-B of the Indian Penal Code has also made it very clear that if a girl dies because of the burns and injuries and because of Dowry, it will be called as the Dowry Death and the consequences of it will be suffered by the Groom’s family. It is indeed a very good thing that some law was made to stop such evil practices, but people still somehow follow this system and take dowry from the girl’s family. There is no one to oppose it. The girl’s family cannot oppose it because they want to get their daughter married to a good family and live a happy life.

The Evil effects of Dowry

Dowry System is one evil practice and its consequences are equally evil. The girl’s family are the unhappiest people who has to suffer the most during all this time. The people following this pratha are evil and they should be shut behind the bar. It is in a lot of ways torturing the girl’s family and in some cases when the father is unable to fulfill the demands he commits suicide or if the girl is married then the girl is tortured till the time she gives up and commits suicide.

Solution to stop Dowry Practice

The government has made a law and people should follow the law. Though we live in a society where laws are least followed. the only one thing that can be done is to make the girls literate enough to fight for their rights and fight against it. The other thing is that people should have a consciousness and they should stop taking Dowry. The boys should be educated enough and should not encourage such things. If the society comes together and stand against it, there will be no one who will follow the dowry system and this evil practice will automatically stop. We live in this modern world where we talk about equality, hence one must follow equality in every possible way.