Essay on West Bengal For Kids & Students

West Bengal is one of the Indian States in the Eastern Part of the country which is known for the heritage and the culture.  This is the sixth most populous state of India with the sixth largest state to contribute to the GDP of India. It shares a border with Bangladesh to the East, Nepal, and Bhutan to the North, and Odissa, Jharkhand, Bihar, Sikkim, and Assam.


The state was earlier called as the Bengal but after the Partition of India, the eastern part of the state went to East Pakistan now Bangladesh and the part belonged to India was thereafter known as the West Bengal. West Bengal has enriched history and was part of Emperor Ashoka, Gupta Dynasty, Sultanate, and British.


West Bengal is located at the eastern side of the Bay of Bengal. It includes the Darjeeling Himalayan Hill, Ganges Delta, Rarh Region and the Sundarbans area. The Capital of the State is Kolkata which served as the Capital of British India till 1911. Kolkata is also known as the Cultural Capital of India.


West Bengal has a long history of culture. It is enriched with songs, plays, literature, and others. Many noble laureates has come from the state. There are masters who belong to the state from the field of literature, film making, sports, science, economics and many others.


People are generally called as the Bengali irrespective of the caste, creed, and religion. The language spoken in the state is Bengali and that is the official language of the state.  Hindus form the majority in the state. However, there are Muslims, Christians, Tribes like Sautal, Tibetans, Nepali also found in the state. Bengali cuisine is known for the delicacy. The Sweets of Bengal are famous throughout the country.


West Bengal is basically an agriculture based state. The major crops that are produced here are rice, paddy, jute, and others. The agro based industry is also very much popular in the state.  The jute based industries are also very popular in the state. Apart from it, West Bengal has many other industries like Steel industries. Durgapur, Kalyani are few of the major industrial areas in the state. Tea is also one of the major productions of the state and huge amount of Darjeeling Tea is exported from West Bengal. Tourism constitutes a major part of the West Bengal industry.