Essay on Global Terrorism For Kids & Students


The word Terrorism is enough to strike fear in the hearts of many people. There has been a significant rise in terrorist activities all over the world from past few years. There are a number of terrorist groups which owe their allegiance to a particular belief which can be religious as well as political. Just to fulfill their objectives these people end up using the unethical means by choosing terror and violence over peace. They have no values or principles and they are just fanatics who are hell bent on achieving their objectives without even considering the repercussion or the consequences of the same.

Causes and motives

People resort to violence due to a number of factors. Sometimes people have a certain psychological issues due to which they turn to terrorism. Deprivation of any form can lead people to join such terror groups. Lack of education and freedom and poverty are the major reasons why people get driven to the terrorism. Their vulnerability makes a good and a strong point for the group leaders to catch hold of such people. There are some others who feel that their life is destined to make their religion a better one as compared to others. So they end up terrorizing people on the name of religion. Some have political reasons too and are trying to make things correct but by the way of terrorism.

Terrorist Groups

There are a number of terrorist groups which are operating from almost all the corners of the world. There are so many groups that it is even very difficult to list them all. But some of the major ones are Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaishe Mohammad are operating from Pakistan, Al Qaeda operating from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka we have LTTE and in Nepal, Maoists operate. In India, Naxalite group called as People’s War Group etc. all these groups have a training system where they usually train and educate young boys and girls and build up an illegitimate army of their own. Usually these children fall for such traps because they are lured in by giving them money, food and shelter etc. These groups have been wreaking havoc in the lives of many people and nations.


Peace is a fragile matter. Rather than seeking the causes and motives of terrorism, it is better to check the conditions under which terrorism hatches. It is a complex as well as a critical issue and needs to be dealt with utmost care and patience. The need of the hour is that all the major political and social parties unite together and start working towards eradicating the common enemy which is terrorism. Though the process of eradication will not be an easy one but it is surely worth making an effort.


Global terrorism is a threat to social and financial growth of the nations. These terrorist groups not only cause panic among the innocent people but also cause the loss of money, men and materials. United States is a good example of a place which has the premium counter-terrorism militaries of the world. So it is important to stand up against terrorism.