Essay on Voting in India and Its Importance

Voting is of prime importance in India and while there are people who genuinely want to bring a good government to rule there are many other who just want to sit back and relax. These days with so many people living out of their cities and towns, the process of voting seems to be last on anyone’s priority list.

While people have time to complain about the infrastructure, bad government and raising taxes etc., they are least interested to make efforts to elect the government.

After so many years of Independence, India still lacks the required law and order. The onus of this lies on both the citizens of the country and the leaders. In some parts of the country, the voting is driven on the basis of religion. These kind of notions are not going to do anything good for the country. Rather they would only make the country go back as compared to other countries. The government should pay attention towards the public utilities such as water, electricity, education, roads etc. apart from that, the aim of the government should be upliftment of the poor, preserving of environment and urban development etc.

To have all of these things implemented, it is best to vote and elect the right government.

What is the importance of voting?

  • It’s our basic human right as the citizen of India. We are responsible for the making of our government as the government is formed of the people, for the people and by the people. We are surely privileged to have voting as our constitutional right which we take for granted so that we can elect and bring in the changes that we want to. This is the reason why voting is important.
  • Every vote matters therefore, one must always vote. If more and more people vote for the right candidate, better days will come and it will make a great difference to the country. The onus of a good government lies on the votes.
  • Voting brings in the change as it empowers you to vote for a better government. If the county is ruled by the bad government, only the citizens are to be blamed for it.
  • Another reason voting is important is that this process makes sure that the citizens of the country are also involved in forming the government.
  • It helps in preventing any kind of electoral fraud as well.

Not voting will not cause any immediate harm but the repercussions of the same would be visible in the times to come. Therefore, make sure that you exercise your right of vote.

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