Short Essay on My Favorite Subject Math

Mathematics is an essential part of a school’s curriculum. It helps in formation of a strong base for all other domains like science. In fact it is known that science and mathematics go hand in hand and measures of science can only be accurate if math has been put to use. So to say any form of scientific education is incomplete if mathematics has not been a part of it. Math is fundamental as it is as any other science and a number of mathematical rules to only solve the problems and even relationships related to measurement, time, space, numbers, quantities etc.

We have two kinds of Mathematics – Pure and Applied. Pure Mathematics are the notions which are built on rule books of mathematics. Applied mathematics on the contrary is such which is applied to other domains such as chemistry and physics etc. both these methods overlay each other and pure mathematics can be put to use

To find a practical resolution to our day to day problems, Mathematics is very resourceful. It is very important for the study of physical science and thus even a doctor or a scientist or even an engineer needs to have a thorough grasp on the subject because any form of computation is based on math. Mathematical calculations are required in architecture as well as finance and accounting. So to say there is no domain as such which is untouched by math. It makes a person intellectual and intelligent as it refines the reasoning capabilities and alertness of one’s mind.

Even if you are not used to the algebraic formulas and methods, the fundamental mathematics can still be used to keep a record of our daily expenditure. Forecasting, budgeting and pre-planning of funds can easily help us keep track of the finances. Sales, purchases, and other transactions can be easily facilitated through the study of mathematics. And even it is helpful in buying groceries. One makes a budget and decides the quantities that are required for the household.

To conclude we can say that mathematics is very helpful in shaping and developing the brain of a child and make him responsible enough.