Essay on Jammu and Kashmir For Kids & Students

The state that you are about to read is popularly known as the Heaven on Earth, yes you are right we are talking about Jammu and Kashmir. The tales of its beauty are not unknown, in fact the stories are spread all across the globe for it its natural beauty is still untouched of any futuristic technology. Although it is regularly disturbed and threatened by terrorism, the integrity of Jammu and Kashmir is intact for its spirit of nationalism is unmoved. The marvels of Jammu and Kashmir are not unknown to all, to know a few read below the unknown facts about Jammu and Kashmir.

Interesting facts about Jammu and Kashmir:

  1. Citizens of Jammu and Kashmir are given dual citizenships, that is, an Indian and Kashmiri recognition which is a rare phenomenon.
  2. Unlike other states of India the one-time government term in Jammu and Kashmir is not 5 years but 6 years.
  3. Only a citizen of Jammu and Kashmir can buy property or invest in real estate at Jammu and Kashmir.
  4. It is said that most of the heavenly parts of Kashmir valley are occupied by the Chinese and Pakistani military.
  5. The rail bridge situated at Chenab River is world’s highest rail bridge.
  6. This fact might surprise you, that is, it has two capitals. The summer capital is Srinagar and Jammu is the winter capital.
  7. According to the constitution of India, article 370 the Jammu and Kashmir has its own flag taking into consideration three countries having its rule on it.
  8. The Khardungla Pass in Jammu and Kashmir is the highest motor vehicle accessible road in world.

History of Jammu and Kashmir

  • During the independence of India, each state was given an option to choose to stay with India or get included with Pakistan, then ruler of Jammu and Kashmir Raja Hari Singh after much thoughts agreed to be with India.
  • Due to worsening condition between India and Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir dispute three battles and countless ceasefires have happened in past and continues till today. The three battles were:
  1. The 1965 war
  2. The Indo-Pak war of 1971
  3. Battle of Kargil 1999
  • It was only after the 1971 war between India and Pakistan a line of control was defined which marks the Indian boundaries. This line of control exists until this day without any changes, whatsoever.
  • Not only Pakistan, even China has been trying to occupy Jammu and Kashmir. Today it occupies the Aksai Chin region of Easter Jammu which India defeated during the battle of 1962.

Terrorism in Kashmir

This is one topic which is not unknown to anyone in the world. The regular tries by Pakistan and Chinese military to occupy Jammu and Kashmir is increasinly causing unease to the lives of citizens there. Apart from living a life of freedom and enjoyment they are still suffering and remain in a constant fear of death or attacks. In order to stop the injustice and life filled with threat of the Kashmiri citizens we all must come together and unite.