Essay on Visit of an Industrial Exhibition For Kids & Student


Industrial Exhibitions are a great source of learning and information as modern machinery and techniques are showcased there. They are a representation of the growth made by our country in the industrial domain and also inspire lot of people who want to set up their business in the long run. People learn about so many things from these exhibitions and also increase their awareness about the latest developments. Therefore, exhibitions are very important for the growth of an individual as well as an economy.

Places of event

These exhibitions are usually held in metro cities so that more and more people can take advantage by visiting them. There are many exhibitions that take place in Delhi’s most famous Pragati Maidan which is situated near Purana Quila which is a well-known venue for a number of industrial exhibitions and trade fairs. Other venues for such exhibitions include Ram Lila Ground and Fersozeshah Kotla Ground. Recently our school organized a trip to the Industrial exhibition and Trade fair at Delhi’s Pragati Maidan. It was a grand and biggest event that I had ever seen. Lot of Indian as well as foreign companies were present there. Their exhibitions were an eye opener for all the visitors as they are pretty much industrially and mechanically advanced.

My experience

Our school team was well attended and there were couple of other schools too which participated in this event. We could see the progress made by Indian industries. Our team decided to spend the entire day in the expo. So we reached the venue at 11:00 AM and we were simply awestruck to look at the magnificent and artistically constructed entry way to the exhibition. The exterior was decorated and it looked very attractive. There were almost thousands of people visiting the exhibition and our school teachers arranged for the tickets in time so we directly went inside to explore the endless possibilities of technology. All of us were even more enthralled to see the inner decoration.

Learnings from the Industrial Exhibition

It was very comprehensive and at the entrance we were given a brochure which had the map for the guiding the people. All the companies had their own display areas which they had decorated very attractively and innovatively. We saw the industrial machinery, modified cars, modified motorcycles and so much more. The industrial machinery will be of a great help to the farmers and agriculturists and it will give a financial boost to farmers and the country as well as these agricultural tools were very innovative. Besides there were lot of latest models of fighter jets, guns, satellites and GPS systems which can be used by the defense of our country and our country can be saved from any sort of infiltration by the enemies. There were long queues at every stall. Lot of people were showcasing their skills and the visitors were mostly taking keen interest in the demonstration of the modern machinery and industrial instruments.

We almost spent full day there and by the team we reached our hostel we were exhausted. To most of us who wanted to go in the mechanical field this trip to the exhibition was like a dream come true and a dream which we shall always cherish.