Essay on Health is Wealth For Kids & Students

Good health is a boon to us. It is the most precious gem of life. If a man loses his health, he loses all his charm. A good wealth can be achieved in different ways. Good needs good food, regular exercise, hygiene, and clarity of mind. Healthy person doesn’t have to spend money on doctors and medicines. On the other side, an inactive person has a lot of diseases. The most traditional and easiest definition of health is freedom from diseases and sickness. According to a branch of the United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO), health is mental, physical and social well being. Good health is the most valuable gift along with life and is vital for a good existence.

A healthy mind lies in a healthy body. So, both body and mind are interconnected. Healthy people can work for longer without even feeling tired. They can enjoy all the qualities of life. On the other side, unhealthy people cannot. They are always worried because of physical health. Having a lot of wealth doesn’t matter if you don’t have good health to use it. There is no connection between money and good health. It can be achieved with proper care and efforts. We should be well aware of certain factors affecting our health. Nutrition is very important to keep our body away from all diseases.

It is important to take only those foods which are healthy and nutritious. We also have to maintain some regularity in life for good health. We need to wake up early, go for walk, take a brisk walk, breathe in fresh air for our lungs, and move arms while walking. It is very vital to maintain clean habits. If we don’t wear clean clothes, don’t take bath daily, don’t eat fresh food, we may develop physical problems in the long run. So, good habits, regularities, and cleanliness play a vital role to maintain good health. Rest and sleep are also important.

A huge amount of toxin in our body is released through our skin which has a lot of skin pores or drainpipes. If we don’t keep our body clean, our skin pores are choked up and wastage cannot escape. So, we should keep our body clean.

To ensure good mental health, laughter is the best therapy. We need to keep calm, overcome greed, anger, envy, fear, and enmity. Your health is your long lasting wealth. You can enjoy the life to the fullest with good health. If you are rich and not healthy, your wealth is of no use. If a person is healthy and don’t have much wealth, he is far richer than you.  It is true and very old adage that “Health is Wealth”.  We always need to clear our mind that health is the greatest wealth of our life and wealth is just wealth. We should always teach our kids that good health is the important wealth which can be achieved with effort and dedication.