Essay on a Summer Day Without Electricity

Do you know what the worst days around the year are? If you don’t know then here are the answer- power cuts during the hot summer days. How can one survive during a power cut on a hot summer day? The only way to survive through the entire summer season is by sitting under a cooler or an air conditioner. When there is hot look happening outside, the only way to survive is by lock you in your home and switch on the air conditioner. But now if there is a power cut, what exactly can you do to keep yourself cold? Power cuts are important due to overloading of power consumption and therefore, the government has to do regular power cuts in order to compensate the over usage. But now comes the question what about the people and how do they survive through the power cuts during hot summer days? These power cuts can be extremely fatal in areas where the temperature goes beyond 40 degrees. According to my recent researches, I have found out some of the most important things that can help you survive the power cut without falling sick.

Read these tips carefully and use them if power cuts during summer are regular in your area.

  • Learn how to make an icebox and do not rely on a refrigerator.
  • Store Nimbu Pani in the icebox, lemonade is the best remedy to fight hot summer days and the loo.
  • Wear cotton clothes that will allow your body to perspire and therefore, helps you to stay cold.
  • If it is possible, take a cold water bath during the power cut, it will keep your body cool.
  • Avoid going out or doing hectic and strenuous activities during a power cut in hot summer days.
  • Prepare little ice packs in little zip lock bags and do not forget to put sat in it so that it does not melt instantly.

These are the most obvious home remedies but they will surely help you during the hard to survive power cuts on a hot summer day. If you ask me, I do nothing but lay on the floor which is comparatively colder than a sofa or bed. Don’t forget to eat a ton of ice creams throughout the day, it is tasty and cool which is the best way to escape the heat of a summer day.