Essay on Social Networking Sites – Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Networking Sites are the social structures where people engage in the social activities and meet new people and have conversations with them. It is a way to interact with people and sometimes with strangers as well. Social Networking sites now have become very important and it has become a crucial part of every individual’s life. Social Networking sites have evolved with time and people are making sure to use it completely. These sites do have a lot of benefits but sometimes they prove to be a problem as well. People nowadays have started misusing these networking sites and it has now become a problem as well. There are many popular social networking sites like – Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Google+, and much more. These social networking sites have their own merits and demerits. There are many advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites.

Advantages of Social Networking Sites

  • Helps in staying touch with family and friends – one of the biggest social networking sites is that you can stay in touch with your friends and family. No matter in what part of the country you can share everything with your loved ones in one click.
  • Helps in Getting connected with people- The other advantage of social networking sites is that it helps you in getting connected with people across the world and make new friends.
  • Is very useful when it comes to helping for a cause – the social networking sites have always proved to be beneficial when there are people who are fighting for a cause and they need supporters. People can always follow them and help them in achieving what they are trying to do.
  • It also helps you in putting your views across – the social networking sites have become so huge that it also helps the people to put across their views related to anything, It also helps in communicating with the politicians and file a complaint or request for a help. Twitter in such a case has proved to be a boon. All the politicians are active on social media websites and especially Twitter, and people who have complaints can directly ask for help.

Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites

There are many disadvantages as well with these social networking sites.

  • It reveals your personal information – People who are very active on social media networking sites posts everything about their life every second and therefore it becomes a problem in their personal life. People get to know everything they are doing and it gets very easy for them to track them and they can also cause damage easily.
  • It has become a platform for shamming – people have started using social networking sites to sham people and disgrace them. there are many cases reported where people are being tortured through the social networking sites.
  • It has become an addiction – the social networking sites have become an addiction and people cannot leave their phones even for a second. They click pictures of everything and anything to post on the social networking sites.


The social networking sites are very useful if used appropriately and for good reason. People have benefitted from these sites and it has proved to be really useful. One should just be aware of what they are doing or posting on these sites and it should be used for good causes and knowing people rather than making fun of any individual.