Essay on My City Gurugram

My city Gurugram, which was earlier known as Gurgaon comes under the state Haryana and the National Capital Region. It is just 32 Kilometers from Delhi and 268 Kilometers from the Union territory Chandigarh. The city was renamed as Gurugram. It is one of the developed cities in the country and it is also a hub of many Multinational companies. It is also known as the Millennium City. It is the third largest city in India with the highest per capita income. It also has many manufacturing companies like the Maruti Suzuki India Limited. The name of the city means the land of the Gurus. The chief minister of Haryana proposed the idea of renaming the city to Gurugram so as to maintain the rich heritage of the place. On 27 September 2016, the city was renamed as Gurugram. The city had also associations with the great Dronacharya, who was a Guru and hence maintaining the heritage became important.


The place was predominantly a land of the Hindus. It was ruled by the Rajputs of the Yadav Clan. The Yadavs were defeated by the Muhammad of Ghor in the year 1196. The place was later ruled by Feroz Shah Tughlaq and that was the time when many people converted to Islam. The place after Tughlaq was ruled by Khanzadas when it was invaded by Timur. During the time of Akbar, the city came under the region of Delhi and Agra and with the declination of the Mughal Emperor, the place was destroyed by the powers. The city came under the rule of the British after the downfall. After independence the city became independent and it fell under the state of Punjab. But in 1966, it came under the power of Haryana.


My city Gurgaon is a developed city and it has beautiful buildings and skyscrapers. The city has many different styles of buildings and it has many commercial buildings and also numerous residential highrises. The city has many parks. The most beautiful parks are Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Botanical Garden, Leisure Valley Park, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Park, HUDA Garden, Aravali Biodiversity Park and much more. Though most of the small parks in Gurugram are not maintained properly. It is a concrete jungle and has many tall buildings with less greenery.

Language and Religion

The people of Gurugram speak Hindi and most of the population also understand English. The other language is Haryanvi and Punjabi, which is spoken in the city. The city has many Hindus. It also has people of all the other religions as well, but Hinduism dominates the City.