Essay on Lord Rama

Lord Rama is one of the most loved and worshipped Gods amongst the Hindus. He is the ideal man who gave people an inspiration to live life by portraying an honest man who fights against the cruel intentions and dishonesty existing in the world. He is said to be one of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu who was sent on Earth to remind people of righteousness.

The Story of Lord Rama’s wedding:

There was once a sage, named, Vishwamitra who look the brothers Lord Rama and Lakshmana to a nearby kingdom Mithila. King Janaka was conducting a swayamvara for his daughter, Sita, which is a competition where most potential grooms put together their strengths to win the princess. King Janaka, who was at the time, the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva got a bow as his gift. Whoever lifted up the huge bow could marry Princess Sita was the condition, but no one could.

The sage then encouraged Lord Rama to try and lift the might bow. Everyone who was present in the court remained astonished and in envy with Rama and his efficiency. Lord Rama set an arrow and pulled at it such that the bow broke into two.

Why was Lord Rama sent on exile?

After Lord Rama married Sita he was to be throned the King of Ayodhya. His stepmother did not want him to be the King and asked his father, Raja Dasaratha to send him into an exile for 14 years. Since Dasaratha was bound to his promise, he stone heartedly did the same. Lord Rama along with his wife and younger brother Lakshmana went to the forest for their exile.

What made Lord Rama kill the Ravana?

  • While they lived there, Ravana’s sister made a pass at Lord Rama and he accidentally cut her nose. This made Ravana angry and he decided to take revenge by kidnapping Sita. Just as Ravana was taking Sita away, one of Lord Rama’s devotee Jatayu who was a half eagle and the half man tried to follow them, Ravana, however, cuts his wing and left him to die badly injured. He took Sita to his Kingdom known as- Lanka.
  • Lord Rama along with his monkey devotees and Hanumana take to sea route to reach his kingdom. They built the Ram Setu on the ocean using floating rocks by writing the name of Lord Rama to reach the island of Lanka.
  • Ravana challenged Lord Rama to defeat him and take Sita. In order to keep up the righteousness alive, he had to defeat brothers of Ravana who came in the way including the giant Kumbhakarna.
  • Once everyone was out of the way, Ravana was left to defeat. He had 10 heads which made it impossible to kill him. Lord Ravana nevertheless defeated him and made his return back to Ayodhya which is until day celebrated as Diwali.