Essay on Sikkim For Kids & Students

Anything that can give you a get away from the daily hustle and bustle of life, then it is travel. Travelling to Sikkim: The Heaven on Earth will give you the best refreshment such that it can even change your views on life and bring positivity in you. Most famously known as the land of mighty mountains, it is hard to believe that Sikkim exists.

The land of mountain terrains and tea plantations, Sikkim has monasteries and landscape which is yet the most unspoiled state of India. It might surprise you that Sikkim has the world’s third highest peak- Kanchenjunga.

Facts about Sikkim

  • This is the only Indian state which has maximum foreign population.
    Sikkim has a temple which is in remembrance of a martyr Harbhajan Singh.
    The citizens of Sikkim speak 11 languages which is maximum in comparison to any other state of India.
  • Asia’s second highest suspension bridge is in Sikkim.
    Be lucky because you don’t have to visit China in order to see the rarest Red Panda.
  • The Rhododendron tea that you most dearly drink is cultivated in Sikkim.
  • In the land of monasteries, Sikkim has 108-feet tall Shiva statue which has 12 jyotirlingas surrounding it.
  • The avian fauna of Sikkim is flourished with 533 species and 690 butterflies which also includes the rarest bird species.
  • Sikkim is blesses to house 45% of India’s angiosperm population.
  • Sikkim is home to five mighty big hot water springs.
  • The most amazing achievement of Sikkim is that it is the only and 100% organic state of India.

Must visit places of Sikkim

Goecha La Trek

A trekking at the mighty ranges of mountains will give you a gift of nature and its beauty. Not only will you breathe some fresh air but also test your strength which might be less than you expect living in a pollution filled metropolitan city.

Bird Watch

As mentioned above, Sikkim is home to a big number of avian fauna. This gives you a prestigious experience of witnessing world’s most beautiful butterflies and rarest birds. You can visit Kewzing for the most superior bird watching experience.

Cable Car

A ride in the cable car through the top of Gangtok city will give you most exciting experience. The cable car runs every day for 7 kilometers from 4:30 PM.

Visit the local tribes

The best way to explore Sikkim is to visit the local tribes in the mountains of Sikkim. The tribal people are very humble and hospitable to any guest they have. A look at their daily routine and total dependence on nature for food and other facilities will give you a sense of appreciation for all that you have.

Who does not want to get a chance of flying like a bird over the Sikkim lands through the cloudy skies watching over the step-plantations? Well, if you don’t want to, then don’t miss out a chance of paragliding in Sikkim.