Essay on what is Freedom

Freedom is a Human Right and every human being is free to do what they like. The term freedom has been used since ages and the times when people were treated as slaves. The people wanted freedom from their masters who ill-treated them and they couldn’t do anything about it, but died as slaves. Freedom is a very tough term to understand and people sometimes don’t really understand the meaning of freedom and they get it all wrong.

Very often we hear people saying – I need Freedom from this, I need Freedom from that but very seldom do they understand or know what they are actually asking for. People talk about freedom on various issues. Some want freedom from their families, some want freedom in their religious beliefs, some want freedom from other people and hence the list can go on and on. But the truth is every individual want freedom and that’s about it. the freedom that they want can be anything from anyone but in the end, it is the freedom that matters and is the only thing that keeps them going.

Freedom is a choice of living and it gives an individual to think what they want from their life, how they want their life to be, they can drink what they want, eat what they want and live their lives how they want. Freedom is an important thing and people really urge for it. Many people who have the freedom misuse it and they respect the rights of other. That is not what freedom means.

Freedom means to respect every individual and letting them be. There are soldiers who are fighting for our freedom and they are the ones who make sure that we are safe in our houses and that we are living freely. We must respect them and make sure that those soldiers too are free to live a happy life but they chose to give up on their freedom so that we can live freely and happily.

A person who is free fears nothing. He or she openly express their feelings and they make sure that their voice is heard across.  Freedom does not really come with independence. It comes by knowledge and knowing that the people living around are you free as well and that is important to show them respect and also respect their freedom.

Freedom is nothing but a state of mind. It can have different definitions. For the prisoners coming out of the prison will mean freedom; for a teenage kid, freedom will mean staying late at night; for a son freedom will mean to do start his own business. Freedom is a belief and it is not a state of mind. Freedom helps us giving our basic human rights and one must know their rights and be free like a bird.