Essay on illiteracy For Kids & Students


Illiteracy is a wide term. For some of us, illiteracy is the condition wherein a person is unable to read or write. While for some it could also mean lack of knowledge about a particular subject. For instance, a person could be aware of speaking in English or could be able to solve mathematical equations but if he doesn’t know how to operate a computer system, he may also be called computer illiterate. But these days even this is very important as it is now the time of digital era. Everything is going digital and everything is available on the internet so it is important to be literate.

Causes of Illiteracy

There are many reasons of illiteracy in India. Mentioned below the most common ones:

  1. Illiterate Parents – Parents who are illiterate do not really value the advantages of education. It is prevalent in remote or village areas where people do not get formal education. The parents are brought up by parents who are illiterate and eventually they do not consider education in bringing up of their own children. They do not realize the importance of education.
  2. No family support – In India where boys are given preference over girls, sometimes the girls are made to do the household chores while her brothers go out and study. Also if a child is suffering from a certain disability, it is assumed and understood that they are not fit or bright to study.
  3. Unemployment – When people see around a lot of literate but unemployed people, they realize that even if a person studies and is educated he/she will not get a job and will be unemployed. This motivates them negatively to study further or study at all.

Why should illiteracy be removed?

The illiteracy should be removed as it is a hindrance to the growth of an individual as well as an economy. Apart from that, the social progress of the people is also hampered. Education is the only way to gain employment and come out of poverty. Besides, education helps us to eradicate certain social crimes and problems such as child marriage, dowry and female foeticide etc.

Possible Solutions

It is only through free or lower cost of education and grants, and assurance of job after studies a person can be motivated to study. Apart from that, awareness in people must be created so that they study and make their career in life. The people should also be made aware that education helps them in agriculture as well.