Essay on Puducherry For Kids & Students

Puducherry is where the serenity of taste, flavor, sight and senses lies. The earlier French Colony, Pondicherry still reflects the flavors of France in its gritty streets and mouthwatering desserts. It is also known as Pondy; however its original name Puducherry was named after several discussions and suggestions, like- The Beach. Speaking of beach, it is safe to say the Puducherry has India’s best and unpolluted beaches such as Promenade and the Rock Beach.
You can see people exploring the city on bicycles which will give you the French vibes. The gritty Puducherry streets have a lot of history to tell. To enable you to look into the Puducherry walls here is a brief history on Puducherry.

History of Puducherry

  • Just as any other city in India, the history of Puducherry begins from the beginning of our Era which has always had a superior nautical account.
  • Long before the French colonized Puducherry, it is believed that Puducherry was also a trade center of the Romans.
  • Trades like, Colored Fabrics, Clayware and Semi-Precious gemstones took place during the first century AD when Romans step foot in our subcontinent.
  • Before getting into the hands of French governors, Puducherry has witnessed the rule of Chola Dynasty followed by the Pandya Dynasty both of which are two of the greatest Ancient Indian Dynasties.
  • During late 1400’s Portuguese entered India via the sea route from Puducherry.
  • The foreign colonization in puducherry also witnessed Danish and Dutch rule which did not last very long and finally the Netherlands took over Puducherry until 1854 when the French marched out of Puducherry.
  • After it was made a state of India, the government declared it as one of the seven Union Territories.

Must visit places in Puducherry

Travellingto Puducherry and exploring the city will give you an immense enjoyment mixed with historical learning’s.

The Rock beach

A paradise on Earth this beach is a must visit in Pondicherry. The surreal tree houses and flowing creek on the other side will give you a great time.

The Raj Niwas

The present Governors house was once a royal Palace during the French Colonization. Its all-white ensemble gives it the most superior royal vibes.

The French War memorial

Built in the remembrance of martyrs from World War I this memorial is a must visit taking into consideration the bravery and selflessness of the soldiers.


The only name that one can give to the Auroville is an Architectural Marvel. Built by the French Architect Roger Anger, it is a reflection of Indian spirituality along with having a surreal look.

A bicycle city tour

If you are a travel head then the best way to explore this historic town is on a bicycle. It will give you the first hand experience of the city by visiting all the gritty streets and tight places.

Scuba Diving

It is safe to say that Scuba diving is indeed, a dream for one and all. The clear waters of Puducherry beaches will give you the once in a lifetime experience of scuba diving. One dive into the turquoise waters will leave a great impact on you and your life.