Short Essay on Nature

Nature is a natural environment that is created by the God. Nature is beautiful and it consists of everything. We are all living happily and a healthy life because of nature. Nature has given us shelter and it comprises of the five elements of Earth. Nature is not supposed to be green but it is all the colors that the world has given us. It is a beautiful place and it gives shelter to all the living creatures.

Today we are living in a world where the people don’t really care about the nature and they are spoiling it in whichever way possible. We have to learn to respect the nature otherwise it will become a very big problem in the future for us and for our younger generation as well.

One must help in restoring the beauty of nature. Plant more trees and make the living happier and fresh. People nowadays have started cutting the trees and those who say plant more trees are also cutting a lot of trees and adding on to the chaos that it is also costing the nature and the world. God has made everything so beautiful perfect and one must respect it and should be able to make nature look beautiful as how it was left. Nature is also a resource for many things and it has made our life easier by providing us things that we need in our life. It is one of the most beautiful creations of God and we must appreciate its beauty and should also make efforts to maintain the beauty that we see.

People these days have stopped enjoying the beauty of nature and they instead prefer going to the concrete buildings that are nothing but just brick walls. Humans have made such beautiful gardens using the nature and there are so many parks that are very beautiful and they should be appreciated in some way or the other. People must start visiting the parks and they should visit the parks and enjoy the beautiful nature and the greenery. A lush green nature also attracts a lot of birds and it makes the environment all the more beautiful as there are a lot of colorful birds in the surroundings who are chirping in the morning. The beautiful mornings and the sunsets and the sunrise make the nature look beautiful and it just adds on to the beauty of nature.

A lot of people just pass their days sitting at home and watching TV and doing nothing. They should move out and should enjoy the beautiful nature. It is not just the greenery that is attractive, but the climate, the clouds, and the colors that nature has to display us is also an add-on and it makes everything all the more very beautiful.