Essay on My City Vishakhapatnam For Kids & Students

Vishakhapatnam also was known as Vizag is the largest city in Andhra Pradesh and it is also the financial capital of the state. The city is located in the Bay of Bengal and in the Eastern Ghats where it is surrounded by mountains as well. it has a huge population and it is the ninth richest city in the country. The history of the city dates back to the 6th century BCE and it was also considered as a part of the Kalinga Kingdom. The city was later ruled by the Pallavas, the Eastern Ganga Dynasty, and the Vengi Dynasty. The Chola Dynasty and the Gajapati Kingdom then came in force and ruled the Southern region.

The city was very much influenced by the Buddhists and their preaching during the fifth century BC, and the region of Vishakhapatnam was also a part of the Kalinga territory and it was extended to the Godavari River. The city is surrounded by the ancient Buddhist sites and now the city enhances the legacy of the Buddhism. Vizag has a typical humid climate as one can feel in all the places with the sea.

The people of Vizag speak in Telugu, which is their native language and also the official language. Most of the people in Trivandrum follows the Hindu culture and then followed by Christianity and Islam. The city has also been following the Buddhist culture. There are many beautiful beaches in the city and it is famous for the Hindustan Shipyard, Vishaka Steel plant, and is also known for bauxite resources and it is also famous for the defense map. There are many tourist places in the city such as Dolphin’s Nose Lighthouse, VUDA Park, Kailasagriri and many other places. The city also has a huge cricket stadium. The other sports that people play in this city are Tennis and Football. It is a very beautiful city and it is a must-visit the city.