Essay on Tree Conservation

There is a very good saying which says as you sow so as you reap. It means whatever you do good or bad will come back to you in the same form. Hence, when we cut the trees the ones who are suffering the most are the humans. The more we cut the trees the bad we make it for ourselves. Trees are a very important part of the Earth and by cutting them we don’t just disrespect the Mother Earth but we also disrespect the other living creature. There are hundreds of trees that are cut regularly and people don’t really care about them anymore. They cut the trees for various reasons. One must keep in mind with every tree that has been cut there will be a problem in future and for the generation yet to come. It becomes all the more very important to plant trees and maintains the number of trees that we have got from the nature of we cannot increase them.

Cutting trees is an awful crime and people should be punished for that. The major cutting of trees has caused deforestation and it has spoiled the living of many people. Deforestation is a very big problem that is faced by the humanity and it has also become a global issue. It is very important to plant more trees and one should encourage each other to plant at least one tree in a year. The more the trees we plant the better it will be for all the humanity and for the other living beings.

Trees give us oxygen, shelter, rubber, fruits, and many other things. It’s an inhuman act to cut the trees at this intensity. People should stop cutting trees and they should also stop others who do that. Trees are very important as they help in reducing the pollution as well. The more the trees around us the fresher the air we can breathe. Not just that it is believed that trees also help in making one positive and it also improves the mental health. It is very important for the physical body as well as it helps in giving fresh oxygen and cleans the air that surrounds air.

It is very important to plant more trees and conserve the trees for the future and for ourselves as well. The cutting of trees should be banned and one must be punished if seen doing so.