Essay on My City Ahmedabad

My city Ahmedabad is amongst the developed cities in the country. Ahmedabad is also known as Amdavad or Karnavti and it is the largest city in the state. Ahmedabad is also the 6th largest city in the country and it is a metropolis. Located on the banks of Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad is a peaceful city. Ahmedabad is also the second largest city that produces cotton in the country. Ahmedabad was also the fastest growing city in the country and it was ranked third by the Forbes magazine. It was also considered as the best city to live in by the Times magazine. It is one of the smart cities that is developed by the Prime Minister and his governance. MY city Ahmedabad is also declared as the World Heritage City by the UNESCO in July 2017.


Ahmedabad in the earlier historic times was known as Ashaval. When the war between Karna and Bhik King took place, the city was won by the Karna of the Chaulukya won the battle and named the city as Karnavati. Gujarat later came under the ruler of the Delhi Sultanate in the 14th century. In the 15th century, Zafar Khan crowned himself as the Sultan of the State. The Gujarat state is also the home of Mahatma Gandhi, and the city also has influences that guide everyone towards the struggle period. Mahatma Gandhi also established two ashrams- The Satyagraha Ashram and the Kochrab Ashram. The Dandi Salt March also took place in this state. Ahmedabad and the state played a major role during the freedom struggle. Ahmedabad was to be the capital city but Gandhi nagar over took as it was a new and a well-planned city. Ahmedabad has also faced bombing and terrorist attacks, but the people of this city are strong and they over came to the terrors.

Food, Art, and Culture

The food of Ahmedabad is very famous and the people across the country are aware of the kind of food the Gujarati’s eat. Alcohol in the state is forbidden and it is called as the dry state. The people of Ahmedabad follows all the culture and the traditions but Navratri is their most favorite festival. People are out on the street during the nine days of Navratri and they play Gabra, which is a very common dance form of the Gujarat state. The food of Gujarat is a little sweet. Gujarat is also famous for its movies and shows and they have a big hub of entertainment. There are many libraries and lit festivals that take place in the city. The city also has a large collection of Manuscripts of the Jain culture and Gujarat is also the home of many Jains. The Education system in Ahmedabad is pretty advanced and people from across the world come and study in this city. The famous Management college- IIM-A is ranked number one, which is in Ahmedabad. MICA is another college, which is very famous and it comes under the list of top five colleges in the country.