Essay on My City Rajkot For Kids & Students

Vadodara, Ahmedabad, and Surat, Rajkot becomes the 4th largest city in Gujarat and is the 35th largest urban amassment in the country. Not only is that it the 22nd fastest developing city in the world. The city is on the banks of the river Nyari and Aji. The city is the 18th cleanest city in the country. It is the administrative headquarters of the Rajkot district.

Rajkot which is located almost in the middle of Saurashtra has a tropical weight & dry climate. So, it a place for hot dry summers from March to June and enjoys the wet monsoon from June to October. From November to February the weather is mild with low humidity. The hot is tedious as the temperature reaches 40-45 degree Celsius. Winter is no doubt pleasant.

Rajkot is a multicultural and multilingual city and the common languages are English, Gujarati, Sindhi, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Marathi. But among them, the most popular are Hindi, English, Gujarati, and Urdu. People of Rajkot is called Kathiyawadi as the city is a part of Kathiyawadi. The city is also known as the colorful city or the ‘Rangiloo Rajkot’. This is the city of painting. So, it is also called “Chitranagri”.

The inhabitants of Rajkot are pure vegetarians and they are against any type of hunting. The women here love to wear ornaments for any occasion like marriages, functions or any festival and the jewelry they like pendants, large chains, and other heavy gold jewelry. The women change their raiment with the change in season as well as festivals. The ladies wear Gujarati type sari and the men wear the flowing Kurtas, shirts, and trousers.

This is a place for historical landmarks which makes the city as a spot for tourists’ destination. The interesting places to visit here are Connaught Hall, Lang Library,Mohandas Gandhi High School,Rotary Midtown Library, Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rotary Dolls Museum,Kaba Gandhi No Delo and much more.