Essay on My City Indore

My City Indore is the largest and the most popular city of Madhya Pradesh. The city is very well known for its food and also for the typical language or the words that the people living in Indore uses. It is the commercial capital of the state. Indore is a developed city and has also IIT and IIM. It is also the youth hub as many students from different states come and study in Indore. It is a very friendly place to live in and it is also very easy and convenient to live in this city. The people of My City Indore are generous and helpful.


In the year 1720, Indore served as the headquarters of Pargana. Then in the year 1724, the Nizam agreed to the rights of the Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao I. The city was then under the control of the Peshwa who also controlled the complete Malwa region. Peshwa appointed Malhar Rao Holkar as the Governor of the place. In 1732, Holkar was given the province and he was also the founding ruler of the Holkar Dynasty. His Daughter-in-law Ahilya Bai Holkar moved the state’s capital to Maheshwar in 1767, but Indore remained as the main and important for commercial activities. In 1818, when British invaded India, they defeated the Holkars and occupied the city and the other princely states. Ujjain the neighboring city was then decided to be the commercial capital but the Merchants living in this city went against the British and hence Indore was declared as the commercial capital. After Independence, the Madhya Bharat became the part of Madhya Pradesh and Bhopal was chosen as the state’s capital.

Food, Art, and Culture

The culture of Indore is similar to the culture of the rest of the cities. The city follows all the festivals and loves celebrating them with joy. The Yeshwant club in Indore is very famous and the club is named after the Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Holkar II, which is located in the Sayaji Hotel of Indore. The club plays a major role in encouraging art and culture of the city. There are many more art centers in the city. There are many talented people living in this city. The city loves Rock/Metal. The famous Nicotine band is also from Indore and it is one of the best Metal Bands in the country. There are also numerous Historical places that one can see during their visit to Indore. The city is very famous for its food and people across the country recognizes the city by the common delicacy like – Poha and Jalebi, which is also the most common breakfast of the city. The youth of the city enjoys eating at different cafes and restaurants and they make the city lively. The Chappan market, which is a food lane is one of the most famous places of Indore and it is always crowded. The people of Indore love food and they live only to eat. There are numerous food joints in the city and people aka Indoris love to explore them all the time.