Essay On Bihar For Kids & Students

Bihar – the most diverse state in India is known for its cultural beauty and vast history. One will be amazed to know that Bihar has spiritual diversity by having citizens of all religions and their worship place. It is even changing to become a state which does not differentiate on the grounds of caste and creed. Also home to most of Indian tongues, Bihar is a reflection of Indian diversity.

The Origin and History of this mighty state

  • The history of Bihar dates back to the initial days of India’s origin. Its capital, Patna was engineered by Ajatashatru in 490 B.C.
  • It started as a construction for a fortress and later turned out to be a fully fledged kingdom of Magdha that stretched from the Asian country to the Islamic State of Afghanistan.
  • Throughout the reign of celebrated Indian king referred to as “Ashoka the Great”, the town became one in every of the largest cities of the globe.
  • Bihar derived its name from an Ancient word ‘Vihara” because it is most often known as the magical place of great number of monasteries.
  • The widely worshipped Ganga River flows wide and deep through the enriched plains of state, and passes through the center of the state from west to east.

Tourist attractions in the state of Bihar

Bihar is a much underrated state but if one truly wishes to explore this state it has marvelous wonders. Given below are 3 must visit tourist places of Bihar which can give you a lifetime of memories.

1. Gaya and the Bodhi tree

Being a Hindu territory for most years, Bihar was the origin of Buddhism. The famous district of Gaya where Mahatama Budha meditated and lived dor the rest of his life is in Bihar. Situated on the banks of River Phalgu the Gaya district is full of history and spiritual vibes.

2. Nalanda

The Nalanda University is oldest university in India which dates back to the Gupta dynasty in 10th AD. Although, only remains are left of the Nalanda University its marvels are yet alive in the walls of the same.

3. Sher Shah Suri Tomb

Get ready to see the ultimate architecture of this tomb which show cases the mixture of Indian and Islamic designing. Built in the middle of a lake it is a splendid vision to eyes.

4. The Barabar Caves of Sultanpur

As mentioned above, Bihar is one of most ancient civilizations in Asia. The Barabar caves is oldest rock cut caves of India which is speculated to date as back as the Mauryan kingdom. These caves will give you a gist of how early civilizations lived and flourish. It is of utmost interest that these caves still exist as it is even after thousand years.

5. The Chhath Pooja

This is the most vividly celebrated festival in Bihar. It is a 6-day long festival where people worship the Sun God.