Essay on Christmas Day for Kids and Students

Christmas is the day of celebration and festivals. It is one of the widest celebrated festivals in the world and is celebrated in almost every part of the world. The Christmas has huge religious importance for the people believe in Christianity. However, people of all faith and religion celebrate this day with immense joy and happiness.

Religious Importance

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December of every year. This is celebrated in the honour of the birth of Jesus Christ, the prophet and preacher of Christianity. The day is celebrated as the Feast Day of the Christ and the entire world feast to mark the occasion. The biggest attraction for the Christmas is the Cake and Santa Clause. Santa Clause was not part of the original celebration but later the process started in the honour of Saint Nicholas. The Saint used to bring gifts to well behaved kids and the tradition has continued ever since in the entire world. A person dressed as Santa Claus, as the Saint was called by the kids, give gifts to kids.

How is Christmas Day celebrated?

The Christmas Day is the day when the world lights up. People light their houses in order to mark the day. The Churches also get lightened. Prayers take place in the churches and cake is distributed among people. People arrange dinners together and they call it “Feast”. This is a special arrangement for the Christmas and everyone come together on this day. A Christmas tree is also decorated. People arrange real or artificial Christmas tree and decorate it with flowers, lights, and messages to mark the special day. In many places, the fever of Christmas continues for 2-3 days. However, the special celebration is witnessed on the evening of Christmas and prayers are held during the morning.

Speciality of Christmas Day

Apart from all the religious and historical significance, Christmas Day is also the bond of togetherness of the people. People start preparing for the Christmas well in advance. In fact, many troops, generally referred as the Christmas Carols sing songs on the streets, malls, market places to raise fund to celebrate Christmas with everyone. People greet each other on the day by saying, “Merry Christmas” to each other. People exchange Gift Cards either ready-made or handmade to each other to exchange love and affection. Many exchange gifts on that day as well. This day brings people together and makes the ambience heart warming.