Essay on My City Patna

My city Patna is the capital of Bihar and it is also the largest city in the state. It is a metropolis city. Patna has a population of 1.68 million people and it is an urban city. The people of Patna are very warm and welcoming. Patna was earlier known as Patliputra, in the ancient times. Patna was founded in the 490 BC and it was also the home to many great astrologers and scholars like Aryabhatta, Kalidasa, Chanakya, and many others. Patna was also ranked as the second best city to start a business after Delhi. Patna is also a fastest growing city and it has a GDP of $1581. Patna is an also a very religious place and it is home for many pilgrims.


Patna is a renowned city and it also got a lot of importance and grandness around the 490BCE. Patna is built on the banks of river Ganges. The king of Magadh – Ajatashastru, claimed Patna and made it the capital of his empire. The Greek Emperor- Megasthenes, described Patna as a grand city and also as the greatest city in India. Patna was later captured by the Shungas followed by Kanvas and then finally by the Guptas. Patna was also a home for many Chinese travelers as they came here to seek knowledge and wisdom. Patna was also the home of Buddha, which attracted the Chinese the most. Patna was then ruled by the British when they came to India and during the 17th century, it became the center of the International Trade. Patna was then chosen as the capital of Bihar and Orissa but Orissa later became a different entity. After Independence, Patna remained as the capital of Bihar. The state was again partitioned in the year 2000 and Jharkhand became a separate state.

Food, Art, and Culture

Patna’s spoken language is Magadhi and it is derived from the Magadhi Prakrit. The language was created in the ancient period of Magadha. It is also believed that this language was spoken by Gautam Buddha and it was also the official language of Mauryans. Patna has many buildings, which are ancient and have Indo-Islamic motifs. Patna has many grand libraries as well like Sinha Library and Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library. The people of Patna are very creative and the Patna School of Painting is very famous.  The people of Patna all the cultures and celebrates all the festivals. The Traditional food of Patna is Vegetarian since the people of Bihar follows the customs of Hindu and Buddhists. The most famous Bihari dish is Sattu Paratha. Litti Chhokha, and Samosa Chaat. The major ancient festival of Bihar is Chhath, which is also known as Dala Chhath and it is celebrated across the state. There are many cultural events as well that takes place in Patna. Patna is also a home for many tourists as it has many religious places. Patna has also many great institutes that attract a lot of students from across the country and even the world.