Essay on Importance of Discipline For Kids & Students

Discipline is the first rule of nature. The sun rises and brings its shine every day. It sets and moon comes at night with stars. Day and night are alternate to one another. The seasons and months come on rotation. So, all the compounds and elements on earth follow their own properties. There is no room to jumble each other. The earth rotates around the sun without failure and the natural laws like the Law of Gravity hold their own ground eternally.

Man is also the parcel and part of nature. He is unity and also a unit in social fabric. If there was no object following the law of nature, the whole environment would be in absolute chaos. If humans are not disciplined, the whole social structure would fall apart like a house of cards. For example, if we violate the traffic rules, it would be a huge risk of our lives. A stubborn child faces a lot of problems. A disrespectful student learns nothing from his teachers and repents over the long term. A public servant who is disobedient may lose his job. An errant soldier might face court martial in an army.

Discipline is important not only for your personal success, but it is also important for country’s success. Countries which don’t follow discipline cannot progress and even lose their existence among the developed countries. Several countries like USA, Japan, China, UK, Germany, etc. are developed because they progressed through discipline only.

Discipline of a country is not just limited to politics, but it also lies in the honesty and hard work of its citizens. It is also economic and financial by avoiding wastage and unnecessary spending. Doing patriotic deeds and having patriotic thoughts for the progress of nation is also discipline. Self-discipline of the citizens is also very important to control population. Discipline is important for every country. All countries which cannot and don’t observe inner discipline will obviously be ruled by external powers. This is what we have seen in history.

Just like for a country, there are two types of discipline for a person. External discipline, which is seen in the form of respect to superiors like teachers, parents, seniors, bosses, etc. and another, is in strict adherence to work schedules for best results.  Higher and inner discipline stays in the soul and the mind. It includes sticking to the high ideas, high character, honesty and truth in the face of all allurements, temptations, and coercions.

A person needs to be a man of word and a man of principle. In those cases, one may need to face a lot of privations, desertion, tortures, and opposition by even the near and dear ones sometimes. The greatest messiahs of humanity only can measure the spiritual discipline most consummately who are eternal lights to guide the destiny of mankind. All in all, discipline in personal life is very important to stay abreast and to stay in the know of everyone around us. It keeps us confident.