Essay on Poverty in India For Kids & Student

Poverty means when a person does not have a proper living and financial condition and he or she is not able to meet the basic standard of living. Those who suffer from poverty do not have the money to pay for the basic needs of the daily life like clothes, food, and shelter. In India, a lot of people suffer from poverty and there are many states that are poverty stricken. Poverty also includes unemployment, population explosion, child labor and many other crimes. The country should focus on getting rid of poverty and should take proper measures to completely remove poverty from the country.

Poverty is a condition where a person is unable to fulfill his basic demands and needs to live a decent life. The main reason of poverty is also the lack of education. If the country is educated, then only it can grow and develop. The basic standard of living is a must to have a developed nation and hence that can come only when there is a proper guidance towards things and the country focuses on getting educated to a certain level.

There are many factors that contribute to the poverty in India.

  • Demographic- it is amongst the most common factor that contributes to the poverty in India. The growth in the population plays an important part to cause poverty. The people of the country are growing but there are no proper economical resources to take care of them. Hence, the population becomes a problem and it results in the low per capita income causing poverty
  • Underemployment and unemployment- This is another reason that contributes to poverty to an extent. The rise in population is causing a lack of employment opportunities and the people are not getting proper employment or are underemployed.
  • Capital deficiency- Capital deficiency is another reason that causes poverty. Money is needed to set up industries, projects, transport and other things but a shortage of money will cause problems and it will come in between the process of development.
  • Lack of skilled labors- this is another cause of poverty. There are a lot of unskilled labors in the country but there are hardly any skilled labors. It is mainly because of lack of education and proper training.
  • Using the natural resources in an improper way- India has a lot of natural resources like other countries, but India fails to use them properly. It also has rivers that can be very useful and can provide electricity but the country‚Äôs skills of using these resources are zero and hence we waste all the natural resources.


The government now is putting a lot of efforts to eradicate poverty and make India free of poverty. There are many NGOs that work really hard towards achieving this goal. The first thing that is needed to get rid of poverty is to educate the people and the country. If the people are educated than the country will grow without any problems. The people will learn how to use the resources and the job opportunities will also increase hence reducing the poverty and making India a better and a happy place.