Essay on Importance of Newspaper and its Benefits

The newspaper is the print media that has a number of papers bound together and they consist of news, information about events, reviews, educational information, and advertisements. The newspapers are very important in today’s life as it keeps us informed about the daily happening around the globe. It keeps us up to date regarding everything. There are many different newspapers and in every possible language according to he region. It is a habit of a lot of people to read the newspaper early in the morning. It is a very simple source of getting educated and knowledge about the country and the world. A newspaper doesn’t cost much and one can easily afford to buy it on a daily basis. The newspapers are even delivered to your doorstep as all you have to do is subscribe to the news paper and the newspaper boy will deliver it to your door step every day.

The newspapers play an important role in forming the society as they have a lot of political debates listed and the news that concerns the world and the society. It is the best way to be connected to the world and our government. If you read a newspaper regularly you know everything and you are completely up to date. You can stand and talk in front of ten people and be a part of the conversation if you read the papers and knows about what is happening. There are many other ways as well to get updated like reading news online from various websites but sometimes they get opinionated and people miss out on important points. The newspapers provide a common knowledge and hence it is important to read a newspaper on a daily basis and one must make it a habit.

Benefits of reading a newspaper

–    It helps in the growth of a person. The newspaper contains many interesting articles on every issue and you get aware of the thinking of the people and it allows you to form your own opinion.

–    It also is a good reading habit, as it helps in improving your accent and vocabulary. The students must read a newspaper regularly as it will help them in long run.

–    They have various health tips as well and one can get an advice for free from an expert.

–    There are many articles in the newspaper that have views based on the social and economic problems.

–    There are many job opportunities listed in the newspaper

–    The newspapers also list the best colleges and schools of the city and it helps the parents and students a lot.

–    The students who are preparing for competitive exams, for them there is no teacher better than a newspaper.


Reading a newspaper has many benefits and it is very important for an individual to be up to date with the world and their own city for that matter. The newspaper helps you in keeping updated, hence it is a good habit that should be cultivated by the everyone and especially students.