Essay on Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is considered to be the most powerful God in all the three lands. This is because he was blessed from every Hindu God when he was just half year old. He is known by various names, some of them are- Bajrang Bali, Pavan Kumar, Pavan Putra, and Sankat Mochan etc. All these names mean that he is the one who takes away all the pain and sufferings of a person. Due to Lord Hanuman’s strength, and devotion people worship him to get blessed with alike features and live a selfless life.

His life is an inspiration to every devotee.

Birth and Origin of Lord Hanuman

  • It is said that Lord Hanuman is the eleventh manifestation of Lord Shiva.
  • He was reincarnated in order to help Lord Rama win his war against the demon Ravana.
  • It is said that he was born to the Wind God and his Apsara, namely, Anjana.
  • It is believed that a curse changed him into a monkey body which is the reason behind his indifferent and grotesque body formation.
  • Once he was very hungry and his mother couldn’t satisfy him. So he looked above at the sun thinking of it as a Mango and leapt towards it.
  • On his way, he ran into Indra the rain God who was furious on him.
  • As soon as the wind God came by to protect his child they settled on blessing him with immortality and strength from every god in the universe.
  • He was very naughty as a child and misused his powers. To help this situation all the Gods thought it better if he forgot that his powers exist.
  • He was sent away to a Gurukul where Jambavan who was aware of his powers taught him how to use them for the good of all.
  • Meanwhile, he was also growing an in-depth affection and devotion towards the wonders of Lord Rama.

His contribution to the Great Ramayana

  • He lives in the same forest where Lord Rama existed during his exile.
  • Therefore, when he met him he swore to dedicate his entire life and all his powers to serve him and his family.
  • While the Ram Setu was being built Ravana took Lanka to spy on Sita.
  • There was a blockage in between where a demon had a condition to pass through her mouth.
  • Hanuman became small and from her ear, he exited from her mouth.
  • On reaching the forest where Sita was held captive, Ravana was forcing Sita on becoming his wife.
  • He was caught and his tail was put to fire, to set it off Lord Hanuman set the entire Lanka on fire.
  • As promised, Hanuman stayed with Rama for the entire life and beyond.