Essay on Education and its Benefits for Society

As rightly said by Nelson Mandela – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Education is very important and educated mind is very important as it helps a person to learn and think. It also helps in forming opinions and judging things on the basis of knowledge. Education is not just getting top scores in the exam but it is about what you learned and what remained after you left the school with you. It is very important for every individual to get educated and learn new things. Education, thinking and dealing with things is what makes us different from the animals. It should be made a compulsion that every child is getting educated in the country. A well developed and educated mind makes a difference in the world and the society. Education thus becomes very important and it also helps a person to grow in various areas of life. Education not only means learning things from the textbooks, but education means that one must have the knowledge and capability to think and make a difference to the society and to the people around.

Education is very important for various reasons.

  • It helps in the growth of a person- A well-learned man knows what to speak and how to speak. Knowing things around them makes them a better person and it also helps them in growing as a person.
  • It helps in the growth of the society- if everyone in an area is educated it will make the society a better place and the people will have different opinions and they will think twice before doing or saying anything. They will become more practical and hence it will help in the growth of the society.
  • Education helps you in differentiating between the right and the wrong- An educated mind knows the world and he or she can also think and decide what is right and wrong rather than following the herd. It makes them smart enough to have points and reasons to differentiate between the rights and the wrongs.
  • Education helps in getting rid of poverty- Education is important because if everyone is educated then the country will not face the problems like poverty. It will be able to provide employment to everyone and the country will grow and develop.

There are a lot of schools nowadays that offer free education to those who cannot afford to go to the school. The parents must encourage their children to go to school and learn. It will be useful to them in the future and they can become whatever they want and earn a good living. Education plays a vital role in everyone’s life and it makes them smarter and a better person. Education gives you the power to think and also if you know things it boosts your confidence and makes you smart enough to stand in front of people and prove your points. Education, thus, is very important and everyone must get educated as there is no age for learning.