Essay on My City Guwahati

My City Guwahati is the largest city in the North Eastern India and Assam. It was earlier known as Pragjyotishpura, which was its ancient name. It is also the big riverine port and it also amongst the fastest developing cities in India. My City Guwahati is also called as the Gateway to the North East India, Light of East and City of Temples. It is a very beautiful city and it lies in between the river Brahmaputra, the only river in India, which is not a female. The city is located on the Shillong Plateau. The city has a lot to offer and with its wildlife and rich flora and fauna, it is also amongst the most favorite tourist destination.


The city was earlier called as Pragjyotishpura, which means – the light of the East. Then it was later named as Guwahati, which is an Assamese word and it means Areca nut Market. My city Guwahati has the history, which goes thousands of years back. The city was a religious place and it has also served as the capital of the kings – Bhagadatta and Narakasura, which is according to the Epic – Mahabharata. The city in the medieval period was the seat of Borphukan and it then had many fancy bazaars. The city was then attacked by the Mughals. It has seen the battles of Saraighat and Itakhulli. Guwahati after independence became one of the most developing cities and it is also considered as one of the smart cities of India.


Guwahati is the home of – football. It has the football club called as North East United FC that participates in the Indian Super League. Guwahati also has a Cricket stadium that is known as ACA Stadium. The people of Guwahati loves playing Football and they also enjoy playing cricket. There are many other sports as well that the people love playing.

Art and Culture

The people of Guwahati are very artistic and they celebrate all the festivals with joy and excitement. The dance and music of Guwahati is an important part of their culture. The Satriya dance is one of the most famous dance and it is also performed in many festivals and various occasions. There are many fairs such as Ambubachi Mela, Durga Puja, Bihu, which is one of the most important festivals in Guwahati and many other festivals are organized in my City Guwahati, which makes it unique. The handmade paintings and traditional art form portrays of the weaving form are very famous.