Essay on Charity Begins at Home

Charity is nothing but helping someone by means of money or something else. Each and everyone should possess helping tendency so that the term charity will exist in the world. Also, charity always begins at home. The proverb ‘Charity begins at home’ literally means that one should be able to take care of her family first, then the neighbors and society.

To give you some perspective, if any of your family members are not in good condition, then your first priority should be your family members. When you leave your parents in such condition and go to help the society means it is of no use. It is your responsibility to first help the family members who relies on you and after all only society and others. Some people are very selfish and money-minded and they never do charity in real means. This kind of people can help others if and only if they need something from them. And, it is not the real meaning of charity, they just do that thing for their personal matters. Real charity can be revealed in a person who actually cares his closed one first and then he helps others.

Charity can be made by either financially or physically. When a person is involved in social services, his loved ones may need his help at any time. Hence, before serving others, family should be the first priority of yours. If a person can be able to serve others in his society, he has to make sure that all of his family members are safe and good. Whenever his family needs his help, he must be able to approach them quickly. If his loved ones need his help when he is involved in any social service, then he should give up and go to help his loved ones, else all his social services became effortless. The proverb strongly states that charity should always start from home or country.There are a lot of charitable trusts out there, providing clothes, food, shelter and even education to the needy ones who are poor and unhealthy. For the charitable trusts, they always need some money from someone who is capable of helping them. In fact, one can offer the good amount of money to them, but it should not have the negative impact on your family member.

Helping someone is one of the most important qualities of a genuine person. In fact, everyone should possess this helping nature to help others. When a person has reached a good position in his life, he can help others a lot without any hassle. However, he has to ensure his loved one is safe and comfortable before helping the society. One must be satisfied in his life by bringing his parents in good position, and then he may move to the society to help the needy ones. For the majority of kind-hearted people, a family should be the first priority. In short, we can state that “Charity begins at home”.