Essay on Self Help Is the Best Help

It is believed and is true that self help is the best help. Self help refers to helping yourself without relying on others. Whatever you are able to do or you are willing to do, you need to do it. For example, if you are hungry and need something to eat, cook yourself rather than asking someone to cook for you. It is known as self-help and obviously the best help.

Self-help is best help

It is true that god helps those who help themselves. Lazy people don’t want to do anything. They may be rich who have servants to serve them but they also have to try to be self-reliant. Self help is vital to develop confidence and to lead an ideal and pure life. Hence, we have to do things ourselves if we can do or in a condition to do.

Problems with people who don’t know how to do self help – People who don’t know about self help and depend on others face several problems and conflicts in life –

  • People don’t have faith in themselves and always remain in low confidence
  • They don’t free their duties well and lose confidence of others.
  • Other people get the most of their idleness and too much reliance on others damages them.
  • Those people wait for someone at every walk of life and fall victim to unwanted criticism and trouble.

Benefits for those who practice self help – Simple life of Mahatma Gandhi is a glaring and simple instance of self help. He has done what he preached. He taught individuals how to do their own work and never rely on others.

  • He cleaned his own clothes and cut his hair himself.
  • He cleaned his room and spun his cloth himself.
  • He stopped visiting the laundry and saloon at a point of his life and he proved that he could do his work himself. It is a different example of self-help.
  • He also looked after his goat. He nursed it, fed it, and dressed his wounds.

While discussing the country’s problems and worked on all such matters, he did all these basic things himself. He knew that no work is too small and he considered every work as worship.

It is true that a self-dependent person knows how to deal with any problems life throws on him. He can move himself off from any condition or tough situation. When he can do his work himself, he is always ahead to help others in need. It is the virtuous quality that makes him praiseworthy and well respected.


Self-help is obviously the best help. Hence, it should be cultivated by all. It won’t just make us active and smart, but it can solve a lot of problems by you. The legendary leaders have always followed self-help as it is the quality that makes you self-dependent. You can be self-made with self-help. Parents should teach self-help to their children and parents should also practice it before teaching it.