Essay on Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati is said to be the wife of Brahma- Creator of this universe. She is the self-manifestation of Brahma who created her to bring order into his beautiful creation. Goddess Saraswati is the ocean of wisdom and enlivens consciousness. It is said that if one must dream of achieving her blessings of utmost wisdom, they should renounce any worldly materialistic fantasies.

The origin of Saraswati

Brahma, who was created this universe by himself, realized that he needs a support and another advice in the making. The universe he created lacked formation and character. This is when he created Goddess Saraswati who is the other half if our great universe. When Goddess Saraswati died it with sounds of chanting mantras, knowledge, and womanhood, the world was brought into its existing order. Everything that we see today is the result of their reunion alone. Brahma created Goddess Saraswati as a portrayal of knowledge and enlightenment to add a sense of order to the otherwise boring world.

The curse on Brahma by Goddess Saraswati

When Saraswati and Brahma got married, it wasn’t the ideal marriage. In Fact, it was the opposite if perfect and included betrayal. Since Saraswati was the goddess of knowledge she lacked the phenomenon of being punctual. In order to find a remedy for the same, Brahma created another manifestation of himself namely, Gayatri. She was very punctual for all the rituals. When Saraswati discovered that his husband had another wife without her knowledge, in her rage she cursed him. Her curse was that no human being will ever worship Brahma not create idols or worship places for him. He is the creator of this universe yet he cannot be worshipped due to the curse that Saraswati gave him.

The embodiment of Goddess Saraswati

  • Goddess Saraswati is primarily associated with wisdom, knowledge, and writing.
  • She is always seen holding a Sitar which symbolizes that she brought music to this mankind.
  • A lotus which represents her origin from the water.
  • She wears a white saree to depict purity and innocence.
  • Swan is her ride and sometimes a peacock, too.
  • There is a crescent moon on her forehead which depicts that she formed the moon.
  • She never wears any jewels or bright colors; Goddess Saraswati transcends any cravings for everything which is not natural or pure.
  • All the four Vedas that Hindu mythology is based upon are her manifestations of righteousness, science, and art.