Essay on Physical Education


Since ages we have been involved in maintaining our fitness as it is extremely important for all age groups. Physical fitness is important for not only youngsters and adults but all for aged and old people. Physical fitness is a mandatory part of our school curriculum and there are lot of vigorous activities that we involve ourselves while being school. It not only keeps one fit but also has a great impact on our mental health.

Physical Education in schools

Having a separate physical education in school greatly effects the growth of young adolescents. Besides it builds a foundation of team work and coordination among youngsters. Students participate in a number of games and learn a lot which is greatly helpful for their overall growth. The development skills as taught by the physical education teacher goes with them a long way and helps in better performance of a child. This performance is not only affected on the field but also in the classroom. These programs involve children and stimulate the growth of their minds. Games such as chess involves thinking from all angles and hockey involves working in a team.

Advantages of Physical Education

The first and foremost advantage is that regular habit of indulging in physical activity at the schools may inculcate a change in the lifestyle of children. They shall choose to live an active life and maintain their health and wellness. The school’s physical education department also focusses not only on the physical development but also guides the school children about healthy eating habits. Children gain an insight that eating junk food is harmful for their health thus refrain from consuming such items keeping them fit and healthy. The changes in the bodies of the children can be complemented with the physical education which shall make their transition smooth. Students motivate each other to be more physically fit and healthy. They become more and more health conscious. This physical exertion has a tremendous impact on the emotional health of the children and they begin taking their decision on their own regarding the diet and other things.

Importance of Physical Education

In the words of John F. Kennedy, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” Physical education helps greatly in development of healthy joints, muscles and bones along with a healthy heart, lungs and brain. Their neuromuscular awareness develops highly and it greatly influences their movements, coordination and motor skills. It also enables to maintain an ideal body weight. It is important as it has been proven that physical activity improves the psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.


As per the research, participation in the physical activities has been very impactful on the social development of the kids especially the ones who are aged between 6-10 years. Children get the opportunity to express themselves well with the confidence and morale boost by indulging in such activities. Social interaction greatly improves and these people hardly shy away from taking challenging tasks in hand. These healthy and physically active people also adopt healthy lifestyle choices such as evasion of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and additionally prove themselves with a great academic performance.